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  1. FirmGrip DownWithTheShip

    Hey Jason. New subscriber. Great video. Do you still use this camera in 2017? Looking to buy a new camera and am debating getting this one? Would you still recommend this one in 2017? Thanks.

  2. Mark Andersson

    Thanks for that review love your work and trust your judgment

  3. Guillem Cuesta

    100K actuations only? Actuations are something like the mileage of a car, it's relative.

  4. Christopher Santana

    just switched from canon 80d to a7rii love all the features (actually i still have my 80 for my wife to vlog). i have an 85mm fe 1.8 I dont know if its just in my head or maybe i expected better image quality but im not satisfied with the portraits compared to the 80D. im constantly searching portraits on google and it seems like the 6d and 5dmarkii have better image quality. please tell me im wrong. thanks.

  5. Yuri The Spaceman

    soooo many buttthurt canon users ughh dont bother going down in the comments

  6. dsamaridis

    Total BS. The best camera in the world is the Arca-Swiss F-Metric 8X10.
    Oh, and if you really want to know what "dynamic range" is, go look at an Ansel Adams print (that is, if you can find any free time from shooting videos trying to sell cameras to hobbyists).

  7. Adrian Rojo

    I love my Sony A7Rii. went from canon 5d 4 to sony. no regrets! I absolutely love it.. way better than the 5d iv in my experience. Add me on Instagram photobyrojo

  8. Bruce Bradley

    Thanks Jason, very nice done video. I was just about ready to buy a Nikon D750, with lens for $2000. Although I missed the sale price, from June 17 2017, it will be back again. I always thought if a camera weighted a ton, and large lens were the mark of Pro Photographer, I guess now I will have to rethink. Thanks again.

  9. Andy M

    Some good points Jason. I gotta say some people are just silver stackers and really just enjoy accumulating tech and not really living on shutter results. It's like these fly tieing people who have made literally hundreds of thousands of flies and never caught a fish on any of them. Be safe man cya

  10. LillysLookForLess

    Idk why ppl are getting so upset about this guy's opinion on the Sony camera. Just bc someone enjoys it and loves it doesn't mean they are sponsored.

    And with all honesty, I know many DSLR users (who are tech nerds, videographer, and photographers) who had even admit that Sony cameras are very reliable and of amazing qualities. Even many camera reviewers on YouTube have admit that Sony camera qualities are amazing. Plus, I own a Sony camera and even I must admit, I prefer my sony over my DSLR lol

  11. LillysLookForLess

    Love the honesty and straight forward opinions. Definitely help set my mind on this camera 😀

  12. Kaitie Wilkins

    I would love to see a video on if you would still think this is the best overall camera on market.

  13. ChrisGoesAbandoned

    went from d610 to a7 and i'm happy as a hippo. the viewfinder got me hooked

  14. Tyler McGhee

    When someones video is about how a camera is the best in the world but can't even properly expose his first shot…. Lol not watching I don't trust this guy.

  15. unclesmrgol dragon

    That extra wheel — I wish my a6000 had it. My a77 does, which is why my a6000 now is being used as a bellows rig to dup all of my old negatives and kodachromes. Even with the a6000, I can see the negative grain on 35mm film (I use the magnifier to close-focus), but not with any of the medium format stuff. Have you duped any medium format negatives using the a7Rii and if so how did they turn out?

  16. Ravi Varma

    i didn't understand why a great photographer like u uploaded a underexposed video

  17. NewUnderTheSun

    Regardless of what fanboys may say of other brands, the only thing that counts is the end result. If you truly shot those images with the Sony, the story is over – they are pro quality regardless of how you got them. And if you captured them with the Sony, then there is no argument to be made. Use what tools work to get the results you need. I shoot stills and video and I use separate cameras for each task. But in a pinch, I like the fact that the Sony can back me up in a bind on 4K.

    Last point. For someone with such a nice gallery, why did you not light yourself better for this review?

  18. Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther

    Just invested in the A7R II – will be using it mostly for photography, but 4K video is also attractive 🙂 For now I have the Zeiss 16 – 35 mm lense, as they cost too much for me to invest in many lenses from day 1. I particularly love portraits and shots of people and catching the emotion. My first impression of the camera is great, although I agree with the cluttery menu system. My first impression of the lense is that it is not quite as long a zoom as I am used to. I am coming from a Canon EOS 6D with a 24 – 105 mm lense, so I guess that is pretty self explanatory…. Which lense should be my next one? I am confused between the pros and cons between the G Master lenses and the Zeiss lenses etc….Any advice would be greatly appreciated – and thanks again for wonderful and educational videos, Jason! 🙂


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