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  1. Linda Muvic

    Lots of good items, my big problem is deciding what to bring and inevitably bringing way too much equipment. Guess I have to put more thought in what I'm tiring to shoot and how to do it.

  2. PostModern Filmmaking

    thanks for this. really interested in the helicoid. i have a sony a7s ii with several canon lenses.

    only thing is i go to the ebay link and see some various options. would you mind telling me what would be a good bet?

    i see one for 38 bucks from china. ebay name is Roxsen. it says in details as well that when using a canon lens with this adapter, you can only shoot using maximum aperture. also it says vignetting may occur when using full frame cameras.

    are those things normal? do they happen with the helicoids you have?

    there are others by a company called Kipon. These seem much better. 170 bucks or so. is this what you have? any vignetting, maximum aperture requirements or infinity focus issues? thanks for your help!!!!!! love the channel.

  3. Weekend Vlogs Dubai

    This video is too horrible to look at. SO FREAKING OVER EXPOSED!!! Blurred everywhere (aperture wrong selection). It hurts my eyes even to LOOK at it. What he speaks and shows is good though.

  4. Ala Michuvapes

    You are missing some words in your title… I thought it was for all cameras and not only Sony A7s… 🙁

  5. LyricVid HD

    not sure if you've ever heard this but… the full video reviews are on the description lol

  6. padrello

    Thanks for sharing… very shame that videos like that have only around 3000 view.. 
    You have a really nice style reviewing stuff and it is evident that you are passionate in what you do! I will share as I can! Please continue this way!!!

  7. Phiniox Glade

    I have a question for you. I love shooting anamorphic but my current dual focus setup is beyond annoying to use. I just had an idea that might remove the dual focus from it. If I sync both lenses infinity than use an adapter with a close focus helicoid would that work?

    By moving the space between the lenses and the camera I could single focus just using the helicoid.

    What do you think since you have one of these helicoid?

  8. Nanez ferrer

    +Nitsan Simantov  would you like to try the sony a6000 for high speed photography ??? and film making ??? try it please !!!!

  9. james carey

    Thanks for the tips. Your awesome. Love your mind set of being able to move and light weight . I feel the same. Keep it up dude.

  10. Tate Looysen

    Cool and helpful videos! But the only suggestion I can make is not to have the table shooting light up, it blows out the shot and it's hard to see the products😐

  11. trevorpinnocky

    thanks for the suggestions.  going to have a look at the ultradisk lavalier, tiny tripod and the shotgun mic(maybe)

  12. MartijnSchoeber

    What would you say is the best cheaper lens with much bokeh for video with Canon EF mount?

  13. lemmonsinmyeyes

    Hey Nitsan, have you heard of those lav mic things from Rode (I forget what they are technically called) they are for under clothing and reduce clothing scraping. Really good piece of kit for like 20 USD.

  14. Robbie MacGillivray

    internets would be a much better place if all 'best of' posts were even half as decent as this. No bullshit=much good!
    btw the link above to the fujian video is broken

  15. Giancarlo D'Ambrosio

    Please do a review to the Helicoid for Canon EOS Mount Lens to Sony E NEX

    thanks from Costa Rica !


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