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  1. Abbie Lea

    Will definitely try to use these tips in the future πŸ™Œ my Instagram is @abbielea31

  2. Mahardhika Prasetyadi

    what is the name of the software used in editing your photo?

  3. akadimas

    please answer me where do you edit you pictures? i'm starting a new project

  4. Mihir Rathore

    I'm not a photographer.. but I appreciate this video so much. I can't even. You guys are wonderful. Godspeed.

  5. JorgeValdezzz

    Very informative!! I remember learning all this by trial and error and ruining a LOT of pictures so great advice!!!

  6. Brock Lockenour

    Loved this video! I feel like I was a culprit of all of these mistakes haha πŸ˜€
    I'm on insta as @brockenour

  7. Camila Rodrigues

    I'm just beginner and I am loving your videos. It have helped me a lot! @biopicscr

  8. Amr Hiamrela

    This is straight to the point. Very helpful and Interesting. This is the first video I have watched. Subscribed.

    p.s "Still not a model" hahahaha


    I only have my phone camera and it's pretty goot too but an upgrade is a must! check my instagram if u want to see what i've accomplished with my phone only. ig: quantum_h4l

  10. Palash Priyanshu Dutta

    For the first one, about highlight what i do, i take 2 photos is different expouser. and combine them in photoshop. In that way i get the all details inside the room, and shap detail out that building. You can also try that.

  11. agarfield2004

    Hey guys, I liked the video, but definitely couldn't agree with #1, at least with the example you provided. If you're doing actual photographing a room, I don't think you should ever expose for the outside scene, because that's not what the photo is about. It's about the room. The window will always be very bright, and so you should usually need to adjust the light in the room by using some other light sources. The window should be about 1 stop or a little more overexposed. All the person looking at the photo needs to know is that it's bright and nice outside. They don't need to see a fence or a building outside. That's not the subject and it usually just clutters the photo up.

    If you really need to underexpose the room and bring the exposure up in post, I would advise to use a tripod, take a number of photos at the same exposure and combine them in photoshop later. This would effectively give you an ultra-low ISO image, and give you the ability to raise the room exposure without encountering much noise.

  12. Anandha Kumar

    plz recommend some basic camera for learning photography….😊thanks….

  13. Dpotatow

    well, i learned a new term? jimmy jimmy jam-jams. πŸ™ though, great content! thanks! πŸ™‚

  14. Marc80music

    I'm tired of listening to "expert" photographers talking about RAW and post editing. I understand the logic, but I prefer getting the best I can shooting in JPEG. Photography is art and it is natural; post edited pics are fake. IMHO.

  15. Oye Family

    What settings/tips could I use to create the sort of tone you have at 3.08. Thanks

  16. Derrick Spurrier such a short video, you have given more than most I have seen here. Subscribed! I liked the idea of directing instead of posing..I am a street photographer at heart but do all kinds and I always liked natural poses and natural movements of the subject which for me, is at the heart of street photography.

  17. Leticia Corea

    Great video! It was very informative. Thanks for these helpful tips. (IG @leticia_corea)
    P.S. That non-model did pretty good πŸ‘

  18. Hannah Clements

    Such a great channel guys!! My IG is @hannahjaneclements. Would love more tips on capturing couples πŸ‘Œ

  19. Nik Xau

    did you just read my mind?
    im like overwhelmed with information that i did not realized i was only at tip 3 then you made a review of the whole video
    you must be god

    ps. how can i achieve your lut in premiere?

  20. Michael Lindau

    Thank you guys! I haven't been exposing for highlights and I knew I was doing something wrong but couldn't figure it out on my own, this helped me a ton! My Instagram handle is @michaellindau πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  21. Sirisony

    What do you use to edit your thumbnail they are so amazing and you should do a tutorial on it

  22. Jacob Shannon

    Love your work! I'm learning so much from listening to you both! Would love if you wanted to check out @thejacobshannon


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