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  1. Daniel Mollohan

    I'm no editing pro, and I have not touched motion picture seriously since graduate school but, with all of the resources (a lot for free) online, you should google "5 techniques to improve your youtube posts". Maybe you were just making this for a friend? Also, I am not trolling. When you post stuff on sites like this, I assume you are open to criticism. I know I am. I have a public blog where I post some of my creative writing, and boy do I get ripped apart. In the end, though, it helps. You do need some sound. People expect it, and the silence adds nothing. It does not help the viewer at all. I mean, what is your goal, right? You don't have to hold the still for so long. Instead, use more examples. One last thing, and I am sorry, but if your goal is to reach people and build an audience, you do need to include some color images. I shot nothing but tri x on my Leica m3 (50 and 35 summicron) for a decade, but I wasn't trying to instruct people and build a following. Just an Opinion, though. Your photos are outstanding, you know, if the youtube doesn't work out for you. A joke.

  2. Daniel Mollohan

    street photographers don't crop. Unless you are shooting on your phone or medium format. If that is the case, I apologise. A lot of these photos do not have the correct aspect ratio for a 35mm equivalent. You must be shooting a twin lense?

  3. Nick Lindridge

    Nice one Steve, and appreciate your choice of soundtrack. Wonder if you would have received a copyright strike if you'd said it was John Cage's.

  4. Vincent Delmas

    Just watched a very successfull channel about the same subject, and it wasn't instructive that much. ( kai, digitaldev ) yours is so much simple and benefic, understandable for newbies like myself. Thx.

  5. eric cepela

    i assume these are your shots? many of them are great. nice video and tips.

  6. Zelämyr Shiru

    I liked the video, and I don't care about it doesn't have sound. The only thing that annoyed me is the time for the titles are too long!

  7. Jeff Jarvis

    Makes a great change not to have some blaring soundtrack over the top of it

  8. jen wang

    very informative tips with clear and simple examples….few words tell it all!

  9. Give It Time - Film Photography

    I am extremely zen now. Thank you! Great tips as well 🙂

  10. Andrew Medina

    Hey! You forgot to give examples on how to have fun and stay safe

  11. George Carless

    thanks looking forward to going out for the first time! I'll also be going out in notts! plenty of crazy people 🖒

  12. Duke Ofhesse

    Refreshingly free of music and dumb commentary. And good ideas for those learning.


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