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  1. Elias Salgado the seal

    Hay I'm getting a cheap camera for the outdoors can you help me to find a good price like 30 or 20 and not wack thank you

  2. Elias Salgado the seal

    I sub now do the same I'm playing you don't need but I sub

  3. Bunty Sachdeva

    l don't know why professionals cameraman max see which one to buy.
    only see best pro……. camera rest main photography is in ur hand
    ur experience ' talent
    Natural photography

  4. Nando & Blonde Moby Dick

    cannon DX mark II is the real pro deal, at end you will not regret the extra money it cost

  5. Dudul Dax

    thank you bro… can I earn sufficient money by with this…. cz I am gonna buy this


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