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  1. Sagar Bhatkar

    Sir, I want to buy a camera, then it will be good to buy a camera, Sir Plz commen

  2. Marius Todoran

    Great tricks man!! Thanks!! By the way.. nice soundtrack too 😉 Who's the artist? Thanks!!

  3. movie sample

    here;s my trick: shit all over the lens, gives a muddy effect 😉 like and share this.

  4. S Raj

    I tried the bokeh shape idea, somehow it didn't work for me.. Can you help me out please?

  5. TheMaxAcceleration

    AWESOME DUDE!!! Especially the belt trick, just tried it out, sooo cool!!!!!!

  6. Jason Tjoa

    cut tupperware to make a diffuser
    mom : you know how much did i buy that tupperware and you broke it just to make your stupid thing.

  7. The Lifestyle Marketer

    brilliant… vaseline one was superb best example of this i've seen

  8. Photo pixel

    Wow! great work. Love your Photography, are you a member on YouPic ?

  9. mikayla legendary gamz

    Wow!! I'm 11 years old and I want to become a photographer my friend does also, we have looked alot into cameras and other things this has helped us alot thanks you

  10. Kire's Channel

    Will it hurt the phone camera? How can I clean after that . You should answer that

  11. Challenge Accepted

    Wow I'm still a learning how to use a camera for photography (cuz I want to be one) and these hacks really work!

  12. GothicKittyMadness

    so he has a D4 and can't afford an ND filter…. Ok then.

  13. Clariz Marielle

    im gonna use the last trick and make a dick shape 😀

  14. Alison Warren

    So the filter + vaseline thing makes me very uncomfortable, what i do to create a similar effect is to just breathe heavy onto my lense!!!!

  15. McKinney Texas Zeds

    if I ever put vasoline on my filters or lens, im throwing my camera in the trash and going on Ebay to find a vintage Polaroid


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