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  1. sobhan acharya

    hello COOPH!!!
    the tips are really helpful as I'm a beginner
    could you throw in more light on the dominant eye concept, it would be really helpful
    thank you

  2. pankaj rathod

    I love your videos this help me in my assessment. I like music but i can not find it on pond5

  3. K•M•H Au Cambodge

    Wow amazing shoot, and welcome to Angkor Wat, Cambodia!

  4. Adam Martin

    I'm gonna have to decode & translate these concepts and use them to set up scenes in my writing.

  5. Gigi Kiersten

    Thank you! Actually I'm a photo manipulatior and this actually made rethink how I creating the composition in my own works! So thanks.

  6. Mir Md.Manzurul Haque Saleh

    Thank you … This video is very much helpful.

  7. John Taylor

    Great video …. but how much was was photoshop, and much timing and luck ?

  8. Hoon Choi

    when would it be better to center the dominant eye compared to centering the whole face for symmetry? or vice versa

  9. Tim Olivar

    therefore i don't have to follow these steps. i have to photograph my own way and style. thank you. 😂😂😂

  10. Denny Donato

    I love him, i've dedicated a video-tribute for him, in my channel.
    I love <3

  11. Notes On Hobbies

    I know that you could find all these tips somewhere else on the web but this channel, COOPH, has the best way of showing it. The videos are not long to get you bored with all the non-important stuff so it is direct to the point. Your DIY playlist is only one of the few that I've completed watching because it is interesting and informative. Death to BORING videos!

  12. Bilal Hassan

    Its really awesome valuable knowledege to increase our photography life style thanks for shared with us i really thankful to you

  13. Vospi

    01:11 I need help with understanding how to get that sharpness in a shot.

    My thinking goes like this:
    They all are moving, that's for sure. That means we have to get our shutter speed considerably faster, like 1/100 or 1/200? From there: both bikes and people are sharp, so probably F4 aperture, at least. So that leaves us with not much light to play with! And that makes me wonder: (1) do we crank up ISO (2) do we add some lighting which I don't think is possible in this kind of shots (3) or is there something I'm missing, besides a possibility that there was a lot of light in the scene already?

    A lot of shots in this video are very steady and sharp and all-round, or so they seem. Can someone help me to clarify this in my head? How to get that amazing steadiness and sharpness while not shooting studio pictures?

  14. AmFilms123

    Such an excellent & informative video with great music & awesome pics!
    Thank you.

  15. Guardian Observer

    Why everyone goes on third world countries?
    Or he shows 60-70s photos, or of drug poor people with no medical attention? Why they don't shoot everyday "normal" people? Not interesting or too difficult subject for them? Never mind. I know already the answer.

  16. Rosanna Simanjuntak

    Yup! Theory and implementation only in one click. Awesome!!
    Take a bow

  17. Craig Erickson

    Wait. How do you figure out which eye is the dominant one if they are looking straight ahead?

  18. Julia Hughes

    Thank you for this video. I'm shooting my first panels and this Facebook stopover on comfortable. If you receive this message before Friday do you have any tips for taking picture at conventions? And or schmoozing

    Power to the people,

  19. Roswell Hoppers


  20. Enrique Fernandez Ivern

    Excelentes ejemplos, resumen un curso de varios meses!

  21. Daniel B. Barrios

    Excelente aporte, una imagen vale mas que mil palabras…


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