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  1. Aaron Riobe

    the power of one youtube video…you just taught me so much in literally 10 minutes. amazing, thank you

  2. Cynthia Valles

    i came here to learned and i left more confused, i guess im just not cut out for this, so sad

  3. Christian Moseley

    how do you open the pic as the background layer…… everytime i open it it goes to new layer

  4. ToTheSpace 2

    Hello everybody!
    Can someone help me
    I open the image, edit it and when I get out of raw editing window (I press open image in right bottom of the raw editing window) the image does not appear the way it was in the raw editing window, like everything didn't apply to it. Why doesn't it stay as it was in the raw editing window?

  5. Natarsha Johnson

    Hello! I like your tutorial. What type of window are you working out of that shows all of the different options on the right?

  6. Rustem Emiraliev

    Am I the only one who likes the original unedited photo more than the edited?

  7. Suhaila Shifa

    after I save the photo the image, the applied effects in the camera raw window doesn't show 🙁 anyone help pls

  8. Kioyte O

    It would have been helpful to see how you whatever it is you are using on the right side. Like open Photoshop and show us how you got to that section.

  9. Afzal Rehman

    For example i edited my photo then how i will save it in a folder or how will i send it to usb etc

  10. jeet m


    I was following this video and tried to open a photo which I took in RAW mode with .ARW extension as I am using Sony Alpha, but it was not getting "Camera Raw" option in drop down and then I converted the image to .DNG extension with the help of ADOBE converter but still I am not getting the Camera Raw option in the drop down.

  11. HyperlordXP

    Thanks man, I can't wait for my parents to check out my new skills on their wedding anniversary photos!

  12. Perpetual Development

    really unclear, unstructured, jumping around without a clear idea of where you were heading. go and get some basic instruction techniques please.

  13. Jamie Mayhew-Castillo

    how did you get the software from canon on you computer? I have a canon rebel eos t5 and idk how to get the software you are using at first

  14. BG5850

    would you say the D5300 would be a good camera to start with? I am only looking at photography as a hobby.

  15. Ikabaru Guerere Roa

    I am confused as of how did you get to open that window since mine does not open such extra window.

  16. expattaffy1

    Hi any chance of helping me quick please. Now one thing I use photoshop a lot for is putting arrows of different colours to be used as when I had CS 5 up to a week ago I had no problems, but I have just had CS 6 installed but I have a problem with the colour of the arrows, no matter what colour I set it for it remains black, I can't change the colour, any idea mate

  17. 842qwery

    Thank God, someone using plain English and simple terms, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!


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