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  1. chuzka2

    I am sooo glad I found you! my learning experience will be easier from now on. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in an awesome way.

  2. Hugohopser

    This is a amazing looking man. I wanna look exactly like him when I'm older.
    Good Video.

  3. Munther G-mail

    Tony, why do cameras provide up to ISO-51200 if anything above 100 or 200 is useless.. !!

  4. Lawrs Photography

    at 4:46
    I believe ISO is an acronym.. ISO stands for International Standards Organization, and it is a standardized industry scale for measuring sensitivity to light. This can be used in relation to how sensitive camera film is to light, but more commonly today, it pertains to the sensitivity of a digital image sensor.
    I love your videos btw!

  5. ExtremePilot1

    Tony you're far and away the best teacher on this stuff! Got all your stuff and use it to educate myself regularly. True masters are effective teachers! Well done and thank you so much to you and Chelsea both!

  6. Sandhya Nagesh

    Excellent video ! Explains camera features very well for a newbie photographer like me !!

  7. Alfonso Reyes

    rookie at photography here. your channel makes it very easy to understand (the theory at least). the goal is to go out every weekend and put that theory to work.

  8. Alexis Sotelo

    This is so much information.. I'll need to watch this a couple hundred times but great video!


    in manual mode do we able to control all the settings or we only control one and the camera control the rest? someone help me 😕

  10. Robyn Donald

    Please can you tell me these in relation to taking photos of the moon? But also in regards to product shooting in a light box? I have a LUMIX G4, with 60-100 and 100-300 lenses. I'm new to this type of photography. I'm used to effectively point and press with little else. Thank you 🙂

  11. Spring Autumn

    Great video!
    How much of this translates to filming motion?

    Thanks and keep up the good work. Subscribed!

  12. David Quintana

    It is amazing the way you explain everything! I love watching all of these videos because they are so informative. Thank God for the internet.

  13. Sonic Sovuth

    Great priceless explanation, Mr. Tony. Thank you so much!

  14. Anovergy

    gosh your DSLR matrix so dirty. I have few dots(10-15) and very frustrated about that, you're pro and have this… I guess I'm ok with my lvl of dirtiness

  15. Jeremy's Family Fun

    im about to start a channel and I needed this info to improve the quality of videos thanks

  16. grove4mylife

    I could watch this video in multiple times, and never get bored of it. Thank you for explaining these type of elements.

  17. Edward E. Anderson

    Very nice video. really helped this novice. i have sony a6000, so any special items that i need to know would be appreciated. also have 2 lenses: 1) f3.5-5.6 / 16-50mm; and 2) f4.5-6.3 / 55-210mm. i'm taking an online course from another supplier, and wish i had seen your videos before i paid out over $150. Your stuff is much less technical and clear. I don't speak "camera" well at all now.

  18. MistaFussichannel

    I always thought that ISO was an acronym for International Standards Organisation.

  19. JS 096

    Thank you for explaining the different settings on a camera so clearly.

  20. Ananta Mukhia

    Hey Tony,
    i really liked your way of explanation, it will be helpful for many.

  21. Jithin John Mathews

    dude you look dope. 😀 and amazing tutorial, thanks!


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