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  1. MR FOX

    what do you deem profesional shot.. since we all have our own way of photographing then who is wrong and who is right??.. we all follow the rule of thirds because we are told to if you went to night school.. or youtube tutorials.. so then you are doing what somebody else wants you to do. i am a photogropher and self taught.. i do what i feel is right and then sell many of my images. The photos are all my idea and positioning.. just get out there and learn what you think is right for you.. you are not all sheep and you dont have to follow each other

  2. Debbie Sladen

    Thank you very much. I have theYN565EXII. I'm still confused about how to use it and off-camera flash. When will you have another tutorial. i think your tutorial was one of the best I have viewed. I'm looking forward to the next one.

  3. Sandra Lopez

    I love your method of teaching. I'm in my 60's and sometimes I learn slowly, you have a great sense of instruction. Thank you!!!!!

  4. Kevin

    hey man thanks for all the great information. Solid video, you look great. Absolutely delicious, indeed. Well i learned a bunch from this video and i couldn't thank you enough!

  5. casino214

    Thanks buddy! This video was very informative and i appreciate that you took your time in explaining of how flash works so we can have a better understanding of this feature.

  6. victormeldroo

    intro to flash photography, (theres a lot of different modes you can use your flash theres manual mode and TTL, well theres only 2, come on guys.

  7. Tyrelle Apuusa

    I've never heard someone say the word 'now' so many times in such a short period of time. Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. I'm saying that after 3:19 all I heard was you starting every sentence off with 'now.'

  8. Nicole Wood

    Can I mix an ettl (canon 430 ex ii) with a fully manual, off brand, slave flash (using radio triggers)? I've been looking all night for a video/webpage that explains the best way to use both flashes with the radio triggers. I have them both working on the transmitters, however, what is the best way to control the power?

  9. Nancy Pirrello

    hi Roberto, I have a Nikon D5500 camera and mostly want to use my wide nikon lens 18-140mm lens. I have purchased a Nikon SB-910 speedflash. I cannot see in the settings of my camera how to switch both the speedflash and the D5500 to connect as a Master flash. In the "Settings Menu" I cannot find the CHANNEL" I tried also in the Pencil viewof Bracketing flash and I don't see the display "Channel, can you help please

  10. GenoFelice

    I am new to dslr photography and am having flash issues. I guess I
    simply don't understand how the flash works even though I have watched
    the videos. Here is my scenario. I have a Canon 70D and a Yongnuo
    YN565EXII speedlite. I am using a Canon 24mm F2.8 lens. I want to take
    a group Christmas photo so I need a wide lens. There are enough people
    in the group so that I need 3 rows. For this reason I set the FStop to
    F4.5 so I can keep everyone in focus. I am using the flash in slave
    mode (SC). Here's the problem and where I get confused. I set the
    camera to ISO 800, F4.5, and shutter 125. The picture is being taken at
    night in a house lit by normal house lighting. The exposure meter is
    buried past -3. I can get proper exposure by changing the FStop down
    and ISO way up but don't want to do that if I don't have to. Since the
    flash is not lighting up the scene my assumption is the -3+ exposure is
    with the light the camera sees and is not taking into account the
    speedlite. Is that correct? It seems to me that with this setup the
    camera will fire the flash at enough intensity to correctly expose the
    scene. Is that correct? What if the exposure is so dark that the flash
    is not capable of correcting the exposure? I guess I simply don't know
    how to expose taking the flash into account. Any help would be greatly

  11. Rannier Asuncion

    my dslr nikon d5200 are open na flash if i will use the yongnuo flash 560 iv what should i do..

  12. Whisperin100

    good one but if i want to use f/2.8 all the time how i set up the flash?


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