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  1. Explore 101 Urbex

    That was amazing thanks 🙂 may you can take a look at my channel some time 🙂

  2. Zachary Perez

    How come this video got so much hate? I found this really informative…

  3. Henri Witteveen

    I use a similar setup but for the lighting I use one speed light in a soft box and another with an umbrella.

  4. Invincible Young Empire

    Seen other videos this the only one that helped me!! Thank you!!

  5. Foodgressing

    Where can I get the poster board you showed that looks like a wooden table?

  6. Yuksel Cakrak

    Great info! What would you recommend for camera choice
    Thank you.

  7. Cifcap

    Another nice demonstration. I'm not a fan of fluorescent bulbs because of the green or purple color cast. I know it's correctable with a green or purple gel or in post, tungsten (or AC strobes) with the u-Lites might be a better option.

  8. Martin Walker

    interesting. I use one light & then use either silver, white or black card to change the way shadows work. clean isn't always the way, crumbs & ingredients make for a more interesting image.

  9. dphotos

    Think your light looks flat and dull. Food photos should have a bit of a highlight off to one side. Such if you use natural window light that would be in the main key and use a white card it mirror fill. Meats especially need more of a kick in light.

  10. Rob Ashcroft

    Good video, Erin. I always try to use ISO100 (I just turn up the lights). Love the way you shoot one-handed while holding something else! I do that a lot too…

    Is that wood surface a piece of floor panel? Good idea.


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