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  1. Nick Onken

    Great tutorial. This girl got better looking as the video went on, like drinking beers

  2. IM christeraxe

    I thought we were going to brush out the blue flare on the photo right center. And no hoodies do I see to buy… =(

  3. Jim Halloran

    another video on pic editing, yet no instruction on how to get the pic into gimp from the camera card in the first place. Also nothing on how to save & copy hte new image into my hard drive for later use.

  4. Lester Robinson

    I down loaded the soft ware and could not get past down loading the picture I could not get the picture in the editing screen

  5. James Y. Welch

    This is a high-end photo editing program that consolidates many features offered by several other specialty photo editing programs that I use, yet I found the user interface intuitive and reasonably easy to master. Like other high-end photo editing programs it gives
    me the tools to adjust color balance, contrast, brightness, sharpness and do retouching and face/body enhancements. Unlike several of my other photo editing programs, it will import my RAW photo files, giving me the power to edit their much richer content.

  6. Wesley Aguilar

    is there a way to round the edges of the image? basically im making a flyer, and i added a photo, i want to round the edges maybe, and make the corners of the image less noticeable. is there a tutorial on this?

  7. lean neal

    Davies: why does it save files as .xcf Β instead of .jpg ?Β  If I have a .jpg file can I edit it and then still have a .jpeg file ?

  8. Mike Bain

    Very well-presented instruction. Straight-forward and simple explanations of a seemingly complex tool. Thanks!

  9. Davies Media Design

    Thanks AGAIN to everyone watching this video and helping it hit 200,000 views!


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