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  1. Alan Tuck

    Excellent tutorial series. Delivery superb, slow deliberate and clearly explained. Has helped me an awful lot.

  2. Pol Verdaguer

    Hello Steve, thank you very much for your series I think they are really useful and interesting!! I am choosing my first DSLR and I am between Canon 100D, Canon700D or Nikon D5300. Do you have any suggestion? Is the 24Mp of Nikon worth the difference of price? Thank you very much in advance 😀

  3. Alex Riv

    thx you very much, very helpfull i enjoy watch all your videos
    hope to see more from them 🙂

  4. Karma Zangpo

    video wouldve been much better if youd stop pausing in the middle of your words and sentences for no use

  5. Mohamed Osama

    Very informative video thanks, 1 thing though you could have made this video a lot smaller with the same info in it, just a tip 🙂


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