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  1. REBERO TWAHIRWA Christian

    where did you buy this camera?, I found that they are all more than $100 even $250

  2. Eduardo Mendoza

    Hi Matt!! I still use my D200 in situations where ruggedness and battery life are more than what my Fujifilm XT10 is capable of. D200's focusing is great, I've used it photographing inside deep caves and performs even better than the Fujifilm! Aside resolution, high ISO performance and weight the D200 still rules!!

  3. ultra clorox bleach

    is this better than the camera on the new galaxy s8?

  4. Graham Meehan

    I am wondering if you would do a budgetography on generic ebay softboxes? I was looking for a foldable octabox and found a brolly octabox like the Apollo Orb for $31.

  5. AirsoftxAkulA

    what about the d2h? 8 fps, rugged body, tiny files, $200

  6. Razor Back

    I like the fact that you are not of this kind of photographer who play with super hasselblad, or leica cameras as if it was natural.
    Thanks for this.

  7. Randy Abad

    Hey Matt, could you do some budget lenses to go with the budget cameras? I have the Nikkor 75-300 4.5-5.6 ($73), Vivitar Series 1 70-210 3.5 ($75), Zoom-Nikkor 35~105 3.5~4.5 (from the 70's & 80's) ($35), Nikon DX 55-200 4-5.6 ED ($125) and my Nikon Series E 35mm 2.5($65). I also have the kit lens for my D5300, the 18-55 3.5-5.6 G II. Some may say rubbish, I say potential and budget friendly.

  8. Donald MacLeay

    The D200 will cost a little more and is a better camera. Don't go over ISO1600 with either one. 🙂

  9. Miguel Rojas

    I have the D200 since almost 8 years and i'm in love with that camera. In high ISO is not pretty good, i try to not pass 320 ISO. But i call the TONKA camera.

  10. Adam Paetow

    I think a D7000 would be a good candidate for budget photography. Capable of screw drive lenses, as well as more dedicated controls. Unsure of what price range they are in but it can't be much being so old. I'd like to see you use one for your next budget video.

  11. Jan Martin Mathiassen

    sir clicks a lot and his trusty sidekick sir clicks a little?

  12. Hovhannes Hovakimyan

    Hey, thank you very much for making this video. It was really interesting to view the good comparison of old cameras.

    5:56 – very unreliable auto focus on both cameras, that's why I sold my Nikon D200 (also tested myself the Nikon D3000 with it's not color accurate low resolution display)…

  13. hansie claassen

    The model is absolutely gorgeous, nice video as well !

  14. keithspillett

    Back in the day, I used a pair of Fuji F5 Pro cameras professionally. They were essentially D200s with a Fuji sensor. I've often wished I'd put off upgrading them longer, because at studio ISO they gave awesome results… Also worth remembering, there WERE no FX cameras then…..

  15. Simon Murray

    D3000 was known to be a noisy lil' bugger… (D3100 was MUCH better…)
    D300 is still prob' best bang for buck…. (guess what I still use ;))
    Best REAL budget buy at the mo is prob' still Canon 20/30D…. if all you want is pics…

  16. Tiny Room Studio

    Absolutely, the D200. I'm not knocking the D3000. That entire series has given very nice entry level performance. I have gorgeous images out of the D3200.

    I used to often use (and still use occasionally) a $1 LED flashlight to add a little fill light to close up / macro images. That challenge with that is the rainbow ring of light that can be visible at the edges of the circle of light if you're not careful with placement. But it's a very good low budget stand in if you're a little patient and careful.

    I also have a $25 ring flash from Aputure (I think). Not a lot of power, but possibly the best $25 I've ever spent on photography.

  17. -

    Never thought i'd see a new video on the camera i have (d3000). Im excited.

  18. Ken Branch

    Did you find these camera at a store or on ebay? I'm looking for one to equip with a dedicated vintage macro lens.

  19. andrei2126

    hello, i m advanced amator photographer, and i shoot with an D5200, i d love to change to D750 directly, first of all for its FF, and for other many features… But with THIS VIDEO, you made me think… may be i could stard with a great ff less than 150€ to see how it is different and what i really need… SO, apart this D200 coul you may be advice me other opportunities please. THANK YOU 🙂

  20. Trex Trax

    Every old Nikon has better, accurate skintone SOOC?! 🙁
    My D750 rendering is terrible too. I miss the "good old, Nikon tones"… DR vs. tones? Tones please.


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