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  1. Jin Huang

    Helppp~~~~~ I have a question. Did you buy ur a6000 in Germany? in the language setting option, is there Chinese language available?? Cause the languages option depends on where it is released. Thanks!!


    QUESTION: Does this camera make any sound when focusing either for picture or on video mode?? – I'm a beginner, and I like to take a lotย of pictures and videos,ย and I purchased a Samsung Camera 2 but I want to get more involve in taking videos.


    QUESTION: Does this camera make any sound when focusing either for picture or on video mode??

  4. Iulian Constantin Filip

    Everything that's shining has a shadow behind…

  5. 1974frankdrebin

    Hi, I liked the review, can I ask you a question? I can only with this lens do events like baptisms, or music events or even weddings or recommend another lens to complete with the 50s, maybe the sony 28mm f2 ful frame, I have sony A6000, I'm trying to get into that word, but I have doubts about the lenses that I should choose. Thank you, keep up the good work.

  6. Chris Durden

    Dude you have amazing presentation skills! Really enjoyed watching you!
    "You can be like them" hahahaha really charismatic. Ordered my a6000 2
    days ago and iยดm really exited to get it ๐Ÿ™‚
    haaa and i just heard in another video that you are also from berlin! ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Jordan King

    Bought my a6000 almost a year ago and I LOVE it. Totally agree with you with what you said Benjamin. DSLR users can say what they want but I believe also that mirrorless IS the future. For example, and I don't think Benjamin touched on this (or maybe he did, I can't recall) but when you change your exposure either by shutter speed, aperture or ISO, you can actually SEE what the photo is going to be BEFORE you take the shot. With the DSLR it's pretty much shooting and chimping, and by that time, how many shots have gone by that you've missed? Also agree with Benjamin when he said about photography in general. Whoever said that photography is supposed to be hard, is wrong. As long as you think about what you're shooting and getting your composition right, photography isn't supposed to be hard. If tools like the a6000 helps you make your photography easier at the end of the day, well then you'll be better off in my opinion.

  8. Boy Ralf

    nice video, i like the way you explain the a6000, and yeah the cons side is the audio jack, and it's not fully articulating lcd screen

  9. Wim Van Herck

    I'm looking for a camera and, am seriously hesitating about 2 models and can't make a decission yet.
    so people who have recommendations, hit me.

    the 2 models I was thinking about.
    Sony Alpha 6000, obviously
    Panasonic GX80

    wil go on a travel for several mounths and have a budget of 1000โ‚ฌ
    mostly for nature and wildlife (I hope)

    So Shoot
    Thanks in advance!

  10. Durborough

    the missig audio jack is the only flaw… but its one of the biggest you can have…

  11. Morgan Captain

    Great tips! how does the sony 6000 compare with the black magic camera? thanks

  12. William Victor

    Hey, can you help me?

    I'm getting ready to buy my first camera to study photography and video. And I'm quite undecided among the following cameras: Nikon D5300/D5500 or Sony A6000. Which camera do you think is good to start with? I am very indecisive between them.

    One note: Sony A6000 is cheaper than Nikon (D5300 / D5500).

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm Brazilian and I'm not that fluent in English.


    I just got this camera for Christmas and this video helped me learn more about the camera! Super stoked about this camera and can't wait to break it in!!!

  14. Erik Soderberg

    Rifle dirt below every tendency intellectual so-called.

  15. Andrew Arbuckle

    Very informative video! Great work and your personality is so positive and inviting. I'm gonna check out more of your videos. I'm looking to get an entry level camera to film and record adventures with my son. He's almost 3 and I want to capture more than what my phone can do.

  16. Guardian Observer

    It is an ironic video?
    Sony best for beginners? Maybe to know from the start that photography is very expensive hobby? What sony lenses they will buy on "normal" price?

  17. Jvex

    Hey man would you recommend the A6000 over the Canon T6? Im debating between those. Im probably gonna go for the Sony but I would appreciate some advice. This is my first camera purchase

  18. UginUa

    Can you please tell more about your equipment and which lenses you use? I am planning to buy a6500 and having hard time at the moment picking lenses. Thank you

  19. Karan Rakesh Gautam

    hi…..Ben can you please make a video comparison on Canon 750d vs sony a6000….I know sony a6000 is the best biggener camera….but I have seen many of videos so can you please make it…..waiting for your reply…

  20. Harish Chouhan

    Thanks for sharing. Is the stabilization of this camera as good as say Canon G7X m2?

  21. stjiu

    Hello, I also have a thought that this camera is the best value for money, especially for beginner. You confirmed my thought, thanks for that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Scrubs2U

    First time watching you, hooked, no stupid music, good points to ponder. I am just building my lens inventory, want to get out and learn them. Will watch more of your videos

  23. isa bel

    "it has to be difficult" because otherwise, anyone can do it? ๐Ÿ˜›
    still pretty annoying.


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