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  1. Tara Kormann

    Love your videos! Trying to find a DSLR for my first camera and your videos are so helpful for beginners!

  2. Lee Katherine Herczogh

    Canon SL2 because I'm a Nikon beginner and I'm curious to see what a Canon can do?

  3. Keith Spillett

    The 200D looks pretty awesome – a bit like a smaller version of the 80D!

  4. imhellocasey

    Hi Chris! Really love your videos and always appreciate what you write in the description box! I know you mainly focus more on photography. But, I was wondering, what accessories would you buy for your cameras, especially for video content? For instance, do you suggest buying extra batteries, mics, lighting, etc.? Thanks in advance!

  5. Phan Hải Ninh

    I've been dreaming of having the SL2/200D ever since it came out, since I love the size, but still pack enough features to satisfy some one at beginner level like me :3

  6. Zachary Chia

    A Nikon D3400 as I feel that it helps a beginner who is starting out a better understanding of controlling the ISo, Shutter speed and aperture


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