Best Cheap Beginner DSLR’s 2017

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  1. Sherif K Photography

    Hi chris. Can u help me. Shooting for travel(video) Which would u recommemd? Sony a6300 or Canon 80d

  2. Smoove AJ'

    i want to get into photography so bad but i make minimum wage and I'm a student….

  3. Parij Borgohain

    hey chris.Which camera would you recommend between nikon1j5 and nikon d5200.

  4. Vervin a

    do you think it is ok to buy a camera online? i want to buy one. but i am a bit worried about online things. if it's fake.. 🙁

  5. Abdul Bahyz

    hey……I want a entry level DSLR with flip screen…..Good battery….overall the best………can you recommend any one……plZ

  6. Alex Clarke

    What beginner dslr should I get for recording high action sports videos ? Budget £350


    hi what about nikon d5500, with 18-140mm vr, am a beginer also

  8. All About Android

    should I buy the t5i or the g7x mark 2 for video if I should I buy the t5i please like

  9. Speedy2246

    Great video! just watching videos to get info on a decent camera to make videos an install a microphone. I'm OK with spending some money on a decent camera but I am a begginer What do you recommend for what I'm looking for. I also subscribed fell free to check out my channel if you'd like and subscribe. Thanks

  10. Teixeira Liam

    is a canon t4i or t3i a good camera for youtube because im not rich

  11. Katey Cravens

    Hey Chris, I'm having a difficult time choosing between a Canon T5i and a Panasonic g7. I'm interested in both video and photo, but I'm on a budget. In your opinion, should I buy the g7 and use the kit lens, or get the T5i and use 10-18 mm/50mm lenses?

  12. Gibert Bermudez

    I've heard that the t6 doesn't have an hdr feature, is that true????

  13. Laila Daneilla

    Subscribed! Im hoping to get a camera soon below $600 and starting the photography world! It is my dream from last year❤️ also, your videos are awesome✨

  14. Casper Johansson

    What do you think about the Sony Alpha A68?. Or witch will be the best camera for astrophotography under 800 dollar/euro/pund?

  15. CR7PR0DigY

    bro im looking buy my first DSLR but im bit confuse between nikon D3300 and D5200 can you tell me which one should i go for and why?

  16. Tejas Salvi

    I m looking to buy a DSLR but dont know which one to buy. I want to star photography and like to learn new stuff from you

  17. ahad enam

    Which one is the best for beggining…"Canon eos, kiss x7i with
    18-55 IS STM" Or..Nikkon D3300 with 18-55 vrplz..suggest..


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