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  1. Ryan Heeren

    Hey, i'm planning on buying this camera to vlog an event i'm going to. Do you think it'll be allowed? It says only consumer cameras are allowed etc etc


    Why do so many people think that Canon is good for budget video? my phone shoots better video.

  3. Danica Somera

    u dont need t3i , can i have it? hahaah nice video mate btw

  4. Iberezaa YT

    Thanks, this video really helped me. I'm trying to get into photography and film making. I do believe that this is a very great camera for starting

  5. Christian Mosi

    I've seen millions of videos on you tube about cameras but yours was the first one that had all my basic questions and answers in such an easy format ! I enjoyed the video thank you !!!

  6. Banana's Toy Store

    So I do American girl doll videos and want a good camera. Would you still recommend this camera. Also is the audio still good even without the attachable microphone

  7. The Skinzie Show

    Hi Pachunka, Would you recommend this camera for 'point and shoot' videos, such as unboxing videos etc? My channel is dedicated to card unboxings and the camera would be static at overhead height, but I find my current camera has focusing issues when I move the cards. Would this resolve this? Ive also been looking at the Canon EOS 750D (price range is upto £750) Thank you

  8. Garage Gymnastics

    I want to help you workout. Fluffy fluffy teenage body

  9. Lesha Lesha

    Lets count how many times he tossed the camera around in his hand😂

  10. Catrell Collins

    if this guy sounds like (JOHN CONNER) from terminator 1?? like this comment.😂😂😂

  11. Turner Sutton

    Hey now that this video is a little out of date, do you still consider this camera as a great starter DSLR(For Video)? Im 17 and Im fascinated with film making but I dont know where to start. The only thing I know for sure is that I NEED a DSLR to get anywhere with film making and Im willing to save up. Is this camera a for sure good investment for my first DSLR?

  12. Queen Mira

    Hey, quick question is there a major difference between this camera and the canon eos m10 ? And which one would you recommend for YouTube ?


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