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  1. Ian Fagan

    Have purchased a FZ2500 recently, 2mths ago and have just bought a card that can hold the 4K and did my first test of 4k 3 days ago. I was absolutely amazed with the quality of just running the standard setup for 4k. Can't imagine what it will be able to do when I learn some of the other setups. I also take Sports shots with this camera and it does a great job. I recommend to anyone.

  2. Kartik Bholla

    Hi Matt I'm fan of your content. I'm a grad student could you help me in deciding my first camera. I have been saving for a long time and after several reviews and your inclination towards the Fuji XT20. I thought going ahead with it but got confused with the Sony a6000/6300/6500 when I got in the retail store here at Samys Camera in San Francisco. The sales rep told me that I can go in for a6000 and spend rest of my money in a good lens. I forgot to mention that I'm almost 99% into photography and mostly shoot street and landscape (with my iphone). The sales rep also told me that colors in Fuji are better and instead of XT20 I should go in for XT10 with 18-55 f2.8-4. I never considered XT10. I'm also skeptical about the glasses in Sony lineup and have heard really bad reviews for the kit lens.

    Which one would you recommend for me for solely photography and with which lens. Or would you recommend anything else. My budget is around $1200 USD.
    Hope you would answer.
    Thanks and keep making videos 🙂

  3. Je Bo

    Great advice go for the fz 1000 and don't forget that if you are using a smaller sensor camera now, the fz 1000 has the option of intellizoom which doubles the 400 mm to 800 mm with good results in good light

  4. dunnymonster

    Got to be the FZ1000 or better still the FZ2000. In my opinion these are perhaps the best overall bridge cameras at the price out there. 😃

  5. Steven Bowyer

    I have the Pan. FZ1000. Fantastic Camera. I too like the features, and not having to lug around a bunch of lenses. I do have the Panasonic external mic when I shoot video. Works great. Most people that see my videos are impressed with the quality and sound. I am an amateur though. Just getting started. I guess when I grow up I want the Pan. GH5. Hope this helps.

  6. Long Exposure & HDR

    rx-10 m3 is fantastic, it is wide open sharp at full focal length

  7. Pranav R

    Hi Matt,

    I have a Sony alpha aps-c camera with a standard kit lens and a 50mm 1.8. I am into architecture, street and landscape photography.

    Now I can't afford to buy another body for at least a year now and I want an all rounder lens. So should i buy a 24-70mm 2.8 Zeiss ( or a much cheaper 16-80mm f3.5-4.5ZA ( Or maybe put my money on something else.. Whats your suggestion here?

  8. tonkip

    I would go with the Fz200.It's a 2.8 Apature throughout the entire 25-600mm range,it's very affordable only £200 or less in some cases it has great image quality and out of some 250+ panasonic cameras on flickr it's ranked number 1 🙂
    An old camera with only a 12 megapixel sensor but it's still a worthy choice 🙂

  9. Szabó Csaba

    I would also look at the fz300, which is even cheaper, also has 4k, great lens, and is a great update for the fz100.


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