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  1. Daniella Wilson

    Hello!!! thankyou for taking the time to read this- I would love to win the 77d giveaway, and here's why – I loveee films and have done so all my life (i literally only listen to music scores – films are just my absolute favourite thing) and want to one day become a film director and am going to uni to study film production this year at Westminster uni in London but I haven't got a camera and have never had one before but have been told getting a DSLR is definitely the place to start. I have subscribed and would be very grateful to win this giveaway and this would be just the greatest help. Love your videos – they are so helpful, Thankyou!!!! 🙂 (good luck to everyone else!!!)

  2. Luckyduckstr

    is a sony alpha 6000 good for beginners? i think i can find a body for around 500-600

  3. Hoski

    i just got the nikon d3400. its definitely an upgrade over my phone camera 😛

  4. Ak

    is canon elphs hs 360 and replacing lens with canon ef-s lens 18-55 mm good or buy t3i rebel canon

  5. Bhardvaj Lukhi

    can you make new giveaway of canon or Nikon camera.
    plz I want to participate in this competition…
    plz make new giveaway….

  6. Jamie Fitz

    Video was great for ideas, but I think you need to elaborate more for the ones who're a little more clued up but still don't know what to buy. Did you ever follow up with something along those lines?

  7. Geoffrey Hughes

    Chris I am thinking of getting a Canon 80d.What in your opinion , would be the best travel lens to buy ?

  8. Mcarvin Caringal

    This is my first time watching this video, yet it was uploaded on my birthday :/

  9. Ivy TV

    I need something good for like 300 that auto focuses nothing crazy ???

  10. avanish mani

    Am from India , and just 14 years old I wanted a dslr under 30,000₹ indian rupees can you suggest one

  11. Caelan

    Thanks chris, this video made me buy my first camera, the T6i i bought it about 20 minutes ago, thanks again 🙂

  12. josephine thomas

    Hey Chris I have a canon d30 and really like canon brand what is the next best to upgrade to this camera love the eos style

  13. Sekhar Sonar

    hello crish I'm very passionate about photography and I'm thinking to buy Nikon d7000 what you think


    can i shoot a video on that camera and then edit the video on my android phone.?plz i will sub if you respind

  15. Tom Cruise

    hey chris, I was looking to buy nikon 3400 with a 70-300 lens that comes with it. I wanted to know which one is better the 55-200 or 70-300??? my major area of photography is potraits and mainly humans.

  16. Multi Tasking Channel

    Please I need Ur Gift Card I m collecting some money for my new DSLR I need to gift it to my parents and myself too so please I m Android user

  17. aminda nipun

    hey u  have lot of cameras…can i get
    one..beggin uuu…..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  18. Merch RC

    Hi great videos you have very helpfull but im having a hard time choosing one for my needs.I'm in the rc hobby and do youtube videos so i need a camera that can record videos on the bench and autofocus macro up when need be.What canon camera would you recommend within the £450-£500 range thats around $624.Thanks.

  19. Arifuzzaman Moin

    I want to buy a dslr in 450 to 500$ which one will be the best with wireless sharing photos in a moment?


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