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  1. Gaming 305

    Hey Matt,i am struguling to find the best wedding photography camera kit for 2000-3000 dollars,i have not invested in any camera sistem i have only used my bosses camera for the past year and i am looking to invest in my own camera system,if you recommend i can wait untill July if something new comes out,keep up the good videos,thanks.

  2. Ray_Biker

    How does this compare with a Canon D70? I have been thinking about buying a good DSLR camera and most professional photographers I asked, recommended a Canon D70.

  3. Donny Christian

    I shoot weddings all the time with my Nikon D7100 using a 18-140 and a cheep 50mm 1.8 no problem, out standing performance.
    I also use my Yongnuo YN-568EX Speedlite, that flash is great , and reguardless if i'm shooting indoors or out doors, i keep that Speedlight on my camera and i leave it on, even if your shooting out doors with plenty of light, you need that fill flash to take out unwanted shadows…and even if i didn't need the flash and it goes off, it's no problem set your flash in TTL mode and your good to go, always get a proper exposure..
    the Nikon D7100, that camera in my opinion if you know what your doing can give you just as good results as a Nikon D610..

    now shooting with this setup your making money, your making money doing the wedding at a best cost, as a business man you always want to keep your expenses down.. and this is the way to go..

  4. Brian Mc Gill

    What Yongnuo Speed light do you recommend? Looking for TTL to make it easier for starting out but hard narrowing them all down?

  5. hymn557

    hi Artoftheimage i have been following ur vids and damn they are pretty helpful i must say since i am a newbie to photography but i have been shooting wedding with my 5100 and a sigma 17/50 2.8 and a 50mm 1.8 g. for the last 3 years and had ordered a d610 but i am confused with the lens i am not gonna use the kit lens since i ordered only the body i thought of buying the tamron 28/85 f 2.8 with out VC. i just wanted to know how much will the VC help in photography since i am tight on budget and cant afford the VC version for now thanks.

  6. Capts Michael-Teri Littlejohn

    What camera are you shooting this video with?

  7. SirSilverFox

    Completely disagree. Budget DSLR kit and pro wedding should not be used in the same sentence. The bodies I have no issue with, but your lens choice is awful. Good luck shooting that 18-140 at the long end at f5.6 in a church with low light. Those memory cards are rubbish as well. Surely you would want to use the dual SD slots on the D7000 for back up, so you'd need 4 cards minimum as well. If you want to get into weddings professionally, be prepared to invest. If you buy cheap, you end up buying twice. Plus it's somewhat embarrassing when the wedding guests turn up with better gear than you!!

  8. Amir E

    I wouldn't get the 18-140mmI would recommend 35mm 1.8G on one and 85mm 1.8G on the otherFor very wide shots I would get the cheap 18-55mm VRAlso very important not to forget a flash.Frankly to shoot wedding I personally would never use a DX camera as my main camera, minimum I would get the D610 and constant f2.8 zoom lenses but that's me.

  9. Jesus Martinez

    honestly any modern camera should do all that matters is skill and lens selection

  10. dpcriss

    +ArtoftheImage nice review, totally agree. Loved the D lenses on my d7000. I have the 18-35 3.5-4.5d, 24-120 3.5-5.6 d and the 80-200 ed f2.8d afs on my d750. Spent $1000 total for the 3 lenses. All lenses are very sharp.


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