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  1. Malcolm Macrae

    There is so much snobbery in photography. From equipment to technique. I'm a point and shoot type of guy. Sometimes I get the shot I wanted sometimes not and just occasionally something special. I started with a Kodak 110 cartridge now I have 3 lumix cameras that I experiment with. I don't mess about with settings too much l just want people to see the magic of the frozen moment that can never be repeated. Don't buy how to books on photography. That just screws up learning your own style.

  2. Oladele Oluwasogo

    Hi, I am a beginner and I'm quite confused about the camera to get as my first. I am into street photography, travel photography and I do a lot of portraits too. However, my phone has been my companion for years, now I'm looking to get a camera. Do you have any suggestions? I have been reading a lot of things on the internet, but I'm still confused. I think a mirrorless camera will work for me. But there are many mirrorless cameras out there.

  3. Norman Coutts

    You make a convincing case for your choice of camera, lens and general approach without being dogmatic. Thanks, we could do with more of this reasonableness around here! Thanks for taking the trouble to post. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your videos. 👍

  4. john dunstan

    i was watching a video on Herman Leonard then Henri Cartier-Bresson and next this video shows up, why?? boring as shit 11 minutes long!!

  5. genghis2510

    I'm a bulky Nikon DSLR user. I have done on my own and participated in street photo walks mainly on street photography. I have experienced what is there to feel doing random street photo ops. Discretion and invisibility is the key to record human emotions without shooter as a participant. And you cannot achieve these with spontaneity pointing a highly conspicuous bulky DSLR. A small rangefinder format with a clean top plate (no pentaprism protrusion) that can be operated with one hand is the best. e.g. APS-C Sony A6500 with Sigma's Art 18-35 lens or any other brand with similar format.

  6. Savaria

    Once you start street, you're a coward and have very cringey moments, but if you keep doing it, you'll get better at it. BUT it is true that there are cameras being more capable at this than others. Even though I got better at it with my Canon 700D, Zenit E, I actually prefer a Lomo LCA, Zorki 1c, Rolleicord V or Zeiss Ikonta 520/16. All of these are very different cameras, so you'll get different results. Very fun thing.

  7. pippo pinats

    IMHO , best camera for SP are Minox gt-e, Rolley 35se, but also Lomo lc-a ..

  8. Ryan Tuck

    Im now using a Contax G2 w/ 45mm f/2 zeiss lens for street photography IG: ryan1064

  9. Allen Freeman

    The RX100 line of cameras are amazing! I've had the RX100IV for a year now. The images are very good and sharp. I have used the A7R2 with a small 55 or 35mm lens with great results. I felt sort of like I was cheating as a friend and I shot Walk of Fame in Hollywood. He had a massive Canon with long 70-200, and everyone was watching him and no one noticed me! When shooting where you are not usually allowed the RX100IV is my grab-the-shot camera! Thanks for a great video.

  10. Danvil

    You ought to buy a film camera that allows zone focusing. Film is more fun and color and B&W just looks better when shot with film.

  11. Francesco Broli

    sit down at the mall……..down know why all old people like going to the malls !!


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