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  1. Sprat's Spare Time

    Don't get the Nikon D3400 as it has no flip out screen which is very helpful for youtube video and vlogs! But the main reason I Don't recommend it is because it has no mic input!!! I would go for the D5*** series cause it has a flip screen and a mic input!!! I shoot with a D5100 and it's great!! NIKON IS AWESOME!!!! 🙂

  2. Temis Timmy

    Amazing info CHRIS!!! Trying to become a youtuber and vlogger!!! 🙏🙏🙏

  3. John Takoor

    nice vid but if i may ask, why dont you give us a quick rationale to choose d3400 over d3300 which has mic input? and i think it will be nice to have options from price point aspect rather than brand

  4. mike symphony

    whats the cheapest camera on the market for shooting a music video with 1080p quality… i dont need it to come out looking like a oscar worthy film but i dont want it to look cheap at the same time please respond

  5. Simple Creations

    What's the difference in making video with d5500 vs d5600 beside time-lapse?

  6. Aleemabhf ypjuglk Khan

    hi nice vedio great work ! can you advise me which camera is good to record cricket match ?

  7. MLGgamertheMLG


  8. Faisal Mahendra

    hello chris, does the nikon d3300 is good to make a video?

  9. Sejal Kaushik

    HELPFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MESSAGE – 15

  10. Chris Staines

    hi I'm looking for the best camera to film footage at night but not sure which camera to choose out of the Canon XF300/305 style or full frame dslr 6d/5d cameras. will want the best quality image I can get and also be able to zoom. so with dslr I'm thinking getting a 70-200 2.8 lens or like I say the Canon XF300/305. do you know which has better quality imagines filming at night?

  11. alexshdvideo

    Hopefully the Nikon D5600 is far better at video than the Nikon D5200 that I have. Though I can get a flat image and keep the ISO around 200 1080p 24fps at 1/50th and ride the aperture ring with Rokinon Cine and older Nikon MF len I got a lot of fixed noise pattern in shadows and areas just south of 18% grey. It takes great pictures though. For video I went up to a near Cine quality compressed 4K camera. JVC LS300 C4K at 150mbps. Shooting J-Log (similar to Canon and Sony logs but a little less extreme) and adjusting in post are pretty good. Not as good as shooting raw video like on Blackmagic Production or Digital Bolex D16 (now out of production) but good and I think better and easier to use than on Panasonic GH4. I chose the JVC LS300 over the same price BlackMagic Ursa Mini due to the Mini's expensive media. Most of these are $2,000 to $3,000 per camera.. and out of the entry level… but they are options if you start moving up to the better Canon/Nikon bodies and GH4/GH5 that when properly equipped for video are at least and often more expensive than a video camera/ cine camera. Regardless your first DSLR can always become your B camera if you get a video camera later.

  12. Tim Falkiner

    I video lectures from the back of a dark hall. I have found the Sony RX10 really good with the built-in lens which goes out to 200mm at f2.8 all the way and I get a good picture with the 1" sensor and the camera set to auto. The Panasonic FZ1000 might be another choice, a bit cheaper but it is not a constant f2.8. I have a D3300 which takes good photos but the 55mm to 200mm kit lens closes down to f5.6 and it just falls in a heap in the low light.

  13. thomas schmidt

    Hi Buddy. Thanx for the video. I have been trying to find a list of or info regarding fullframe DSLR or video cameras with focus tracking/ auto foucs in video mode and I havent really gotten anywhere. Apart from the A7 r2, can you recommend anything or send me in a direction? Just bought the 5D mark 3, and diddent really go through the specs since I, wrongly figured, expensive camera has everything,,, and as you know, it doesent really come through on this point :-D. Any help is appreciated 🙂

  14. Joe Hangsing

    One question is the 5D Mark IV a good hybrid camera ? That is photo/ video and I got it for a birthday gift and people keep trash talking about this camera
    So I was wondering if actually selling my 5d for a A7sii is more smart or should I just keep the canon ?

  15. Lawan Lyngdoh

    Please do a Review Video for Canon Rebel t6s (EOS 760D).
    Looking forward for your reply . Thanks and have a nice day.

  16. Ian

    I use the Sony A68 as my videocamera to improve my skills in cinematography

  17. Rajes Thurai

    For an action camera never ever get the go pros. Go for the Thieye T5

  18. Nicolo Indigo

    Thank you so much for this video!! Many blessings to you brother!

  19. tornado5783

    I'm still getting the 7d mark2. Want good video but need that fast burst for airplane photography

  20. Masoody Khan

    What camera do you use Chris for your YouTube videos- especially 'this one ?

  21. Raiyan Azam

    Hello Cris . I am From Bangladesh. I want To Make videos on Youtube. Which Camera You should recommend for me under 1000$.( canon model).


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