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  1. MadnessMobile

    Some say the absence of 2 card slots and poor battery life are the main reasons you should not make this your main camera for wedding type photography.

  2. lulzmeme

    Nice video! Subscribed! I will be buying rhis camera this week and i needed to see reviews of it before buying it, and youe videos are pretty much what i needed lol

  3. Carlos F. Garcia

    I've been in the video world for a long time and just moving to more stills than usual for some extra $. I tried looking for a video that would explain the things you talk about during wedding photography with no luck until I came across your vid. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and tips. Your advice is really going to help me when shoot these weddings. Again great video you rock!

  4. Carlos Lopez

    See if u could do a video on the best lenses, both third party and native, along with some comparisons. Wouldn't mind seeing how the Sony A7 rii does against other cameras of it's caliber. You def got a like and a sub out of me, keep up the good videos.

  5. Dominic Kong

    Hey! I found this video really clear and concise and your photos are really amazing. I'm very interested in knowing how you colour grade your photos as that has always been an issue to me as I'm completely clueless on how to colour grade properly.

  6. BiyahengAmerika

    I am a hobbyist owned sony a7rii and gm lenses. I will be shooting my brother's wedding which will be my first. What creative style did you use and how do you do your balance? Your photos are amazing by the way. You are a legit.


  7. Chantz Cutts

    Does having only the one SD card slot concern you as a wedding photographer? That is my biggest concern with the A7Rii. The price of the Sony lenses is my other big concern.

  8. Michelle Gonzalez

    Finally!!! I have a Sony a7rii as well and I'm shooting my first wedding! I'm so excited :)) but unfortunately there are no other sony wedding YouTube photographers..until I found you! Subscribed instantly!! Okay so I really would love to know your Sony flash lighting workflow, when it comes to lighting a reception or different parts of a wedding. Thank you!!

  9. King Pride

    amazing photos! I really like the vintage look, however, did you consult with the bride and groom to see if they would like that particular style? i know a lot of people rather a brighter look. Just asking as im an aspiring wedding photographer

  10. Blackbirds Photography

    Answers: For weddings I use the Canon 5D Mark III; Video editing tutorial (How you edit vlogs..).

  11. Sebastien P

    I want to upgrade to full frame (been shooting with a T3i for about 5 years now), and want to start doing more pro work (weddings, events, portraiture). Should I upgrade to the A7III, when released or the A7RII? Can I get by with 24mp doing pro work?

  12. Victor Rivera

    Appreciate the input Omar. .I now use the Sony a7ii, and also have the a6000. I was asked about doing a wedding in April. …let's see. My first wedding was shot with the nikon d600. My question is about the sdhc cards….which ones did you use? Or do you recommend? Nice pictures by the way. Great tips about not shooting everything in sight.


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