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  1. LeonistaSocialClub

    How is the audio on the G7x?? if that thing had the mic input… wow

  2. VeganUpNorth

    Iphone c is what I'm using right now, and only the selfy camera because the front one does not focus….whyyyyy ? 🙂 But I'm looking for sorting better right now. thanks for the tips 🙂

  3. TumorenitaCici R

    I have a 60d what's the difference between the 70d ? And I don't have a computer so I was thinking about changing it to one that had wifi so I could granger the videos to my phone which one do you suggest??? Please answer!

  4. Bryantisc Jr.

    The camera that I'm using is my phone, and that phone is the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

  5. SteinbeckAcademy

    I'm using the Sony a7sii with 55mm 1.8 lens. It's a sweet combo

  6. Wayne Wood

    Great tips thank you. I am using a Cannon 600D with a 18 to 200 stabiliser zoom lens. I was hoping to get a shot gun mic but also a wireless or Blue tooth pin on mic. have you reviewed any of these.

  7. BienXanhNangAm HappyHealthyLife101

    I am using my iPhone 7 Plus 🙂
    Thinking to get new camera , but don't know which one 😀
    Thanks for yr video

  8. Richard White

    Are any of these cameras WiFi enabled and capable of posting videos directly from the camera to YouTube? If not these, any other recommendations?


    canon fanboy. Panasonic G7 records 4k and 1080p 60fps for 500$

  10. Shyanne Buchanan

    I'm just starting out ,, using my canon t3 ( old school I know) any tips on that particular camera or best mics for it … thank you 😊 love your videos

  11. Vedana Kinchevskaya

    Hi! How to use an external microphone on Canon g7x?

  12. Hola soy calixto

    Panasonic it's better than canon and Nikon 4K update guys. Better on autofocus


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