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  1. Think Media

    QQTD: What do you think is best camera for YouTube this year? LMK 👇👇👇

    Video #TimeCodes (Click time to skip to that part of the video)
    0:41 The most important thing to consider when picking out a camera
    1:35 Best Camera for Vlogging
    4:55 Best Camera for YouTube Content
    5:33 *LIST of Canon Cameras with Duel Pixel Auto-focus (and flip-screens and mic inputs)
    10:28 Best 4K Camera for YouTube
    15:54 Best Camera for Indie Filmmakers
    18:27 Best Camera for YouTube (Top Picks Overall)
    22:14 Example Footage from All Cameras
    24:13 Question of the Day!

    Thanks for checking out this video!

  2. Jazzy Lev

    I have the G7 and I agree: it is the best budget 4K camera. For what it provides you can't beat $600. The autofocus can be annoying at times, but as you said it's not too hard to get around.

  3. Wade Chandler

    I have watched this a bunch of times as well as your other videos on "best camera", but here is my question. I am just going to be starting doing YouTube Videos. Most will likely be where the camera is stationary filming a demonstration of something not so much a moving person. I was just about settled on the SL2 but I am seeing crazy low prices on the Canon T6 around 300 (refurb) with the 18-55 AND 75-300 lens. Besides the dual pixel auto focus what would I be giving up that would make a difference?

  4. Official Drajae

    If im trying to go for short film on my channel and my budget is in the $800 should I go with the Canon sl2 of t6i? If there are other brands please let me know thank you

  5. Cameron Trethowan

    Hi, great vlog info. Does the Cannon 80d have image stabilization tech?

  6. crucibelle - Belle Dupont

    Thanks to you and all the people in the comments for camera recommendations. I am surprised at how good the audio sounds on the Cannon cameras.

  7. Charlie Moore, Jr.

    I love your vids. I got my notebook and pen and I'm taking note. I plan on getting the Canon SL2 (sometime down the road )thanks to your helpful information😁. Thank u and keep great vids coming ☺

  8. Naya Ruth

    My 80D (which I love) just broke after a year of usage (YouTube video content use). And it broke only 2 days past the warranty 😣. I am back to camera hunting and landed again on your reviews. I am thinking of getting an 80D again (just because of the ease of usage) but will check out few of the cameras you mentioned in the video first 😉

  9. Cole McKenzie

    Hi Sean, which camera is the best user friendly for vlogs and video quality for fitness/recording workouts? I am debating betwee the cannon g7x mark ii, sony rx100 v, cannon sl2.

  10. Randomly awesome

    whats the best high frame rate camera for top quality slow motion for under $1,600

  11. wizz03047

    Hi, thank you for all your videos. I've learned so much. I have a problem with my Canon EOS Rebel T6, it only records 1080P video for 12 min/about 4 GB. is this a problem, or something built into the camera? Also do the cameras in this video for youtube videos have this limitation?

  12. Doodle Box

    You do know that not everybody has tons and tons of money to spend on a camera, right?


    Yeah, I thought so.

  13. Momma From Scratch

    This was extremely helpful! I have the Sony rx100 non flip screen and want one with a flip screen I do sit downs and interior decorating and movement. Would the canon sl2 still be the best choice??

  14. 8654 Zulu Foxtrot

    I see absolutely no reason to buy a small camera ever again. Modern phones take as good, if not better, photos and video than all of those small cameras you suggested for Vlogging. Now, when you get into the large DSLR's you start to really see the separation in capability the larger sensors and advanced glass can give you. But great review otherwise.

  15. Danielle R

    Can you do a comparison of the Canon 70D and 80D? Or maybe just comment which one is better? Thank you.

  16. singwisevocals

    Thanks, Sean. I'm not sure that I'm any closer to making a decision, though. I've been using a small Cannon HD camcorder (that I already had before I started making videos 20 months ago), and the picture always looks dark (and sometimes a bit grainy) despite having upgraded to studio (umbrella and LED) lighting. I think the darkness is due to the poorer resolution as compared to other cameras used by other YouTubers. And maybe the dark paint on my walls doesn't help, either. In any case, I really don't like how things look – unprofessional and embarrassing. I want a nice crisp look with more contrast – like your videos. I don't necessarily need a 'budget' camera, as I'm willing to invest in the best product for my needs – mostly 'talking head' (i.e., me sitting at the piano or on my couch, but sometimes outdoors). I would also like it to become my primary camera for photos, so a good lens is important. I don't know if 4K would be a good feature for me. I know you can't make the decision for me, but any further guidance would be very much appreciated.

  17. Jonathon Weller

    What would you best recommendation be for a camera being used for live streaming? Webcam footage isn't good enough imo. I see GoPros being used a lot for live streams online. I've used my Rebel T3i for this before but it overheats and shuts off. I also had to borrow my friend's Blackmagic box to input HDMI. Can any of these cameras send a stream to your computer out of the box?

  18. Relaxzen

    What camera should I get for my first one I'm going to be using it mostly both photography and filmmaking

  19. MillenniumActress

    I need help. I'm at that point in my life where content creating seems to be the only available job to me and I need money for my studies. I watched the video and compared it with what we have in our stores here. 80D from Canon seems to be pretty nice but I'm still not sure. I have no idea about mics either. But the camera needs to film from up with the lens facing down at my desk where my hands are drawing. If someone can recommend me some sort of a stand that makes the camera stay up then I'd be grateful. I'd also use the camera in every day situations for social media like Instagram, tumblr, deviantart and pixiv. It'd be great if it could also work well in low light because I swear to god it's dark here most of the year.

    Btw, it's funny how Panasonic's g7 looks the best to me. The image is very sharp and cold.


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