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  1. Chris Winter

    ✅✅ Best Budget DSLR Lenses:
    ✅✅ Canon 24mm STM:
    ✅✅ Canon 40mm STM:
    ✅✅ Canon 50mm STM:
    ✅✅ Canon 50mm 1.4:
    ✅✅ Canon 10-18mm STM:
    ✅✅ Canon 18-55mm:
    ✅✅ Canon 18-135mm STM:
    ✅✅ Nikon 18-55mm:
    ✅✅ Nikon 50mm 1.8:
    ✅✅ Yongnuo 50mm 1.8:
    ✅✅ Yongnuo 35mm f2:
    ✅✅ Panasonic 20mm 1.7:
    ✅✅ Panasonic 12-32mm on Amazon:

  2. The Adventures of Natanael

    hey I'm a starting photographer but i can't really afford a good camera or lens my family is in a really tough situation at the moment and I've had to sell my stuff to keep afloat but my question really to you is do you know any places that sell good dlsr for cheap

  3. PoeticFlair Photography

    Will my 300 AFS F4 survive indoor basketball with my D7100. …..that is F4 PRIME LENSE

  4. Paddy bvb

    best camera the canon 7d mark ii with the sense, but unfortunately to expensive for me. so i try my sports and sports photography with a canon 1100d

  5. Fades VFX

    Hey Chris,
    was wondering if you could do another video similar to this, in the video could you go over and give your opinion on the Best CHEAP Sports Photography Lens.

    Thanks Chris and hope you take this into production.
    Kind Regards:

  6. pu huang

    hello chris winter, we are professional production camera lens , such as 420-800mm telephoto zoom lens and 8mm fish eye lens , portrait lens etc, could you help me make a video link for these goods, our store link on here,

    we can send you one free sample to test. if you interesting, please add me skype chirsty.huang8, or facebook id christy.tuo

  7. Aditya kiran Padmalayan

    Hi Chris, I would like to know your opinion on sigma 50-150 f2.8. which would be better on a apsc body, a similar priced 70-200 or 50-150?

  8. Shivali Singla

    Please suggest me a good lens for product photography for my iphone … I don't have a camera (can't afford it now) please suggest a lens for iphone which is affordable and good quality too.

  9. Russell Wood

    Nice video to set up your recommended is not bad but I tend to use it for smaller events and indoor The one I think is best for a football pitch or that sort of venue is the canon 1 DX mark two and a 400 mm 2.8 Is version two you can even put teleconverters on and with the new one DX mark two you can even use all the focus points at F8 this is what I think is the best sport set up

  10. Dale B

    Chris, my wife has a Sony alpha a-100 DSLR camera and a few lenses she has had for about 6 years. I am not sure what happened but the camera body is not working. Her birthday is the 30th of September and I want to buy her something nice but also think I should replace it with something that will allow her to continue to use the lenses she has. After watching a few people on YouTube I felt I could trust you the most to help. I am sure you are very busy and have tons of people asking questions but thought I would give it a try and ask you to tell me what to buy. So lets say 1000.00 is my budget give or take based on your opinion what would be the best camera for me to buy my wife for her birthday?

  11. Benjamin Landwehr

    Been watching your videos non stop the last four weeks while making my decision to get the 80D or a mirrorless camera. f

    Finally picking up the 80D this Friday. Thanks for all the information!

  12. terrym45

    The D500 should be much better for sports. Low light performance and focusing but look forward to your comparison.

  13. bevye33

    Are you still doing the camera giveaway for the Canon 80d & the Sony A6300? If so, when will you announce the winner? If not, who won?

  14. SharpShooter2204

    Hi Chris, Im new to photography and very confused on what to buy for my first camera, I know I want a DSLR but there are so many and so many brands and options, this is the only purchase Ive been overwhelmed on in my life and just need someone to tell me what to buy, If you could tell me some options that would be great! I have 550 right now to spend so anything around that would be great!

  15. Han Solo

    Why do you think canon produces so many different dslr aside from a reason being affordability say why come out with the latest camera with less tech upgrades

  16. Johanna Bedoire

    lol, the auto sub was just too good in this video x)
    "Canon 7D my toe", "and if you're in the country to take a look at the brand new Nikon…."

  17. Lucas H.

    hey chris, the title is a bit missleading& a 7d mark ii and a 70-200 is never the best camera for sports. A 1Dx mark ii with a 400mm f2.8 would be way better..

  18. 2renered

    Hi Chris right now I use 2 canon t3i's and I want to upgrade to a better canon I'm still a newbee so still learning a lot what do you suggest I'm thinking either canon 80D or the Canon 7D mark ii

  19. Jarrod Carley

    Can someone help me out? Im looking for a camera, I have about $1500 to spend. I want it primarily for video, but I want it to take some nice pictures too. A camera with really good AF while shooting video would be nice. If anyone watches PlayTheGameFilms, I want a camera that can produce his cinematic sequences, how they're so smooth. I know that it probably means the camera needs to shoot in 60fps(or 120) I'm not sure. He uses the Sony A7S II, but $3000 is just too much for me. Thanks for anyone who can help me out.

  20. OfficialTerrell

    +Chris Winter I want a dslr camera so badly so I can be apart of the yearbook team at my school. What do u think I should do. And the school does provide cameras but there all checked out. And I would buy one but don't have any money. What do u think I should do?


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