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  1. simon massey

    Thank you for this video
    Can We give Cinematic look with these cameras?? (Eos800d/T7i, Sl2/200D & 1300 D) I am a beginner I want a camera for Videography. To shoot dance videos. Please guide me.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Llambert Monton

    Please help me. To Choose my first Dslr and my samsung st71 is old. What is the better cam THE REBEL SL2 OR THE REBEL T7i? Please reply.

  3. junior7

    Can i use this camera for semi pro pictures. I want to buy it for YouTube content and want to also use it for small party, events and make extra cash? Help and thank you

  4. Kyle Da Silva

    Now after seeing this a question pooped into my head, the rebels are getting to be comparable cameras, will we see the place of say a 6d vanishing?

  5. Kyle Da Silva

    Whoa how did I miss this … I'm slacking off…Another great vid bro, nice to see the new profile pic(if that's what it's called)

  6. Icepoz


    I would like to ask you a question, I'm undecided between the SL2 and the panasonic G7. my need is to shoot videos for travel: landscapes, b rolls, vlogs etc.
    this sl2 looks really powerful, but I can not figure out whether it's a "studio" room or well all the situations

  7. Judy R

    Hello. Regarding "if you were to spend a couple of hundred dollars extra, you could actually get the SD card in the slot…" I already have the SL2. Is there a piece I could buy to add to it, or am I stuck with the SL card on the bottom? Also, which lenses were you using in the video? Thank you.

  8. Rohan Singh

    Sir plzzz choose me for a dslr giveaway.. anyone you want .. i can't afford one plzzz giveaway a dslr to me

  9. vivaekananda.b barika

    i have keen interest in photography but i dont have enough money to buy a dslr

  10. Irresistable RC

    I think we should all unsubscribe becauwe he doesnt do giveaway.
    He lies

  11. YaZeen

    u dont seem to continue the giveaway! why do u lie?! just tell if u don't want to give it away


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