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  1. Chris Winter

    If you could win a Canon 77D or Nikon D5600 which would it be?

  2. theRizz

    Hey, GoPro is dead. Long live the Sony FDR-X3000. Srrsly. Look into it. All the GoPro stuff, but BOSS optical lens stabilization. No digital cropping needed. It's SO much better than the GoPro.

  3. Michał Niziołek

    What do you think about DJI OSMO ? Is it worth buying ? I really like stabilisation.

  4. Umayanga Sandeepa

    Thank you for the video. I decided to buy a Panasonic G7. It's the best budget 4K camera.

  5. Passion4FoodIsReal

    Can u recommand me a cam within 350£
    I will use it for traveling, recording what im eating mostly, but also for making food outside both in daytime and low light. I got a boat so will make food in small islands or in the woods.
    Sounds is importent for me cuz i love the relaxing sounds of open fire and rain =)
    Ty so much if u got the time to answer and Keep up the good work <3

  6. Manuel Cruz

    Loco deja de hacer pausas de la nada haciendo publicidad a tu canal eso cae mal enserio estresa


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