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  1. Skinny little Vegan

    DSLR's don't have a flipscreen though, isn't it difficult to get yourself in frame properly, any tips?

  2. Just_Chris

    Loved this video! Very informative and I liked how you showed footage on all of the cameras. Very nice job!!

  3. Devus lovewolf

    whenever i start working and earning money . i might go for the canon vixia hf r600 then maybe after that i might go for the G7 :3

  4. Ness Kirby

    I need a HD Camera that also takes HD pictures. I'm new to this stuff and don't know anything about it. The most I'm willing to spend is about $100. Does that Logitech webcam you mentioned in the beginning take pics?

  5. Nate Nalley

    sub to my channel guys I'm starting vloggin soon and it basketball video check me out

  6. Abby Fig

    My children really want to become youtubers. It doesn't sound too shabby for myself as well. We want to be creative, fun and vlog. They also want their channel for gaming. What would you suggest we start off with. I don't want to carry around a laptop or camera attachment all the time but I don't want to worry about focus and sound. What would be budget friendly for starters?

  7. sampetrino

    Excellent video Sean, I had the canon Elph s110 unfortunately it broken down… now i am looking for a new camera i want weide anglw lest say around 24m and full hd with 60fps.. and affordable what about the Sony wx350? i will appreciate your comment or suggets something around $200 maybe $250 with the feature i have mentioned. Thank

  8. Annemaree Sleeth

    I do dance and Teach videos. so want to upgrade to mic as well

  9. Average Perch

    Thanks great video. Can you recommend a video camera for out door vido making. I am a fisherman and love to do videos when i fishing. I thinking about buying a JVC GR-R435B. Do you know anything about that camera ? Thanks again ,)

  10. MissPamelaxoxo

    Awesome Video!!! Thank you!!! I currently use my iphone 7 plus and am looking for something better… My channel is about Astrology, love, sex and relationships <3 thanks for the awesome content!

  11. White Knight

    Hi every1 <3
    Im looking for a cam now to record videoes of me making food outside mostly daytime but also night time.
    Will also make eating videoes where i travel and eat =)
    Food is my passion <3
    I was looking at Go Pro and Yi 4k but arent those "action" cameras? I wont move a lot, mostly just sitting still or walking around in cities.
    I also prefer good sounds cuz i gonne make a lot of food in open fire, love the sound. Also love raining sounds =PI got 0 experience with recording, so just gonne learn slowly and have this as an hobby. My budget for a Camera is max 300$, What camera do u recommand?Ty so much if u got the time to answer <3

  12. CJDA9GTP

    I want to start posting vlogs, all I have is my phone with zero space on it. Need to invest in some gear.

  13. Galamakazaba

    you forgot to add the link for the wide lense on the Canon VIXIA HF R600

  14. Anthony Anik

    Great video. My goal is to create awesome real estate services videos in the Palm Beaches, Florida.
    Thanks again for all the info.

  15. mark pritchard

    Nice advice, I started with a Soni w300i which wasn't chosen for my YouTube channel it was just the camera I had when I decided to give YouTube a go. I have recently upgraded to a gopro hero 5 black. I use it for videos driving and messing around with motors such as my tractor, my Land Rover, my Ford Transit van and also my Lorry.

  16. TheMarquise

    so is the cannon elph 110 hs better or is the elph 300 hs better

  17. Universal Newscast - Your Universal Studios News

    Great video man. Very informative!!

  18. Colton Sparks

    So thanks to this video I bought the logistic HD webcam and I use it doing YouTube live and YouNow, I also bought the canon cocoa hf r6000. All of my videos I posted on YouTube are using my canon vixia. I love my camera, it does EXACTLY what I wanted it to do to start my YouTube channel, HOWEVER I am lol king for a new camera for my YouTube channel and I am hoping you could help me lol.

  19. Naturally Unique

    This video has been helpful. Now I know which camera I'll be investing for ☺️

  20. Martin Talavera

    i have the vixia model he showed. the model is HFS100. it is old. 2009 i believe but i think it still works since it shoots 1080 fps and 60fps.

  21. Yoboss360

    Dude wtf were on a budget do u think we can just pull 100$ out of our ass!!!

  22. Petty Pool Vocational College

    Great video many thanks.

    I work for a charity funded college for adults with learning difficulties, and I help market the college to get our name out there, help with funding etc.. using social media pictures (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) and Youtube videos.

    I'm looking for a camera with the following requisites:
    • Better picture quality than IPhone 6 (what I'm using at the moment)
    • HD Video (1080p)
    • Between £100-£200ish
    • Easy to transfer to edit on the PC
    • Good zoom
    • Audio Input
    • Easy to charge

    It looks like my best option at the moment from watching this video is the Canon VIXIA. Does this also take pictures?

    Thanks again for a really informative and helpful video.


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