Hi everybody! Welcome to BestUnder.in and today we bring you the best digital cameras under Rs. 10000.
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Camera is your best companion when you go for trips. They can be used for day-to-day events or to capture the best moments of your everyday life. The cameras at this range generally carry around 14 MP – 20 MP resolution along with CMOS sensors and 8x-12x optical zoom. Generally, Devices with lower pricing have trimmed technical details. This list has been made keeping in mind that Most users prefer high optical zoom over digital zoom as this provides better picture quality and less distortion. All the cameras will mostly be point and shoot, sleek and slim ones. So here’s the list of best digital cameras under Rs. 10000 for you!

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18 Responses

  1. WTF tom

    hello sir. I have mobile with 13 mp camera and I'm going to start new channel onn YouTube and I am not satisfy with my mobile camera because I want to provide good content with good quality. and my budget is 9k then please suggest me a camera with good video recording facility and also have mic input jack for audio recording. thanks in advance and I hope you will reply.

  2. tanim chowdhury

    i want to buy canon sx 400 is , is it a good decision or not?

  3. FuzzyTailz

    lol i was like "WHAT 10 000 RS!!!" then i was like " oh 10 000 rs is 100 dollars in canada" i used to live in pakistan like 7 years ago LOOOOOOOL

  4. Samson Babu

    which one is better for record a videos for youtube…………….please suggest me

  5. DiSuparna Sam

    canon ixus 275 hs and the canon elph 375 hs is same???
    Which one is best for shooting HD Video(for youtube makeup tutorial vids)…low light shoot…image stabilization….???

  6. Istiak Ahmed

    thanks for the video. which one is best camera for capturing photos and video shooting and more zoom in a cheap price??

  7. Sona CS

    Thx for the video!!!??
    But can u tell me which is the best from all?! Which camera can click best photos ?!

  8. ABHIJIT Mandal

    asus zenfone laser vs galaxy on 8 vs moto m or coolpad note 5 vs gionee s6s which have better camera?

  9. spice nine

    If i record sound in external mic and video in another camera then how to sync both..pls explain..

  10. Nikhil's Network

    Can we add external microphone on a point n shoot camera for clear voice shoot

  11. sudarshan Prakash

    Plz do explain various technical features of digital camera like ISO, OIS ETC.. AND comparison b/w digital camera and DSLR


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