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  1. Tabby Lex

    Hi. I bought a Canon DSLR that does HD video, big problem is it uses the LCD and not the viewfinder which is useless in any kind of sunlight:-( The Canon website and everywhere else does not tell you this!!?? Please can you tell us all which DSLRs use viewfinder for video. Many Thanks.

  2. Divya Singh

    Hey, which cameras and lenses kit would you recommend to record outdoor youth sports event. Thanks

  3. Alaric Sim

    Is there any Nikon camera with good autofocus? I have a ton of Nikon lens so it's hard to change brand.

  4. Timothy McGee

    I'm currently recording the first few episodes of my wqeb series, and we're using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. We're using a Zoom H4n for our audio recorder, with an audiotechnica shotgun mic, and 2 Stanely S3Es for lighting.

  5. The pyrochef

    Hey I am a pyrotechnician looking to video and photograph my shows with a Nikon 70d. What would be the best lens to do this with? Looking to make promo videos with the footage. Please help

  6. BYTEcolumn

    I have been looking for a nice/cheap Camera for my YouTube channel. Currently I shoot with my iPhone 7+ and hey! the quality is not the best and obviously not the worst. So I’m looking to upgrade to a low end camera that supports mic input and give me a smooth blurry background.
    What’s your recommendation, I’m on a budget of $400.
    PLEASE HELP!!! Somebody!! Anybody!!

    And hey, nice video. I subscribed.

  7. Kam Shoaf

    I use a nikon d3100 that I smashed yesterday wrecking on my skateboard lol, on my way to get my 70d now!

  8. C Carletta

    I love your videos on the Canon product. I have the Canon T4i……Would you consider this still a good camera to use for vlog, videos, and pics. I recently invested in a Rhode ext mic, and a remote control to capture my pics. It doesn't have wi-fi or a feature to speed record. I'm wondering should I upgrade. Thank You

  9. Bre Martin

    Thanks for the great info! I am curious though, I recently checked out the Olympus Em5ii. It has some pretty amazing features but I not sure about all of the features. I would be curious to know how this camera compares to the Canon 70D. It is similar in price range.


    Thanks for putting out quality videos. You have helped me make a decision to pick up this DSLR next.

  11. John Snavley

    Excellent review – all the salient issues (audio adaptability, auto focus, price), concisely presented, solid knowledge. A time-and money saver.

  12. Maksamillion

    I realize this video was created nearly 2 years ago. Would you still recommend this camera or would you lean towards something newer. Please let me know! Thank you!

  13. Leonaardo Zap

    Hi someguys said to me that 70d have super heating and its not recommended to videos, its easy to get a error, thats right?

  14. Brian Ramos

    Canon T6S or 80d I wanna be able to be a YouTube blogger , take good pics of cars , nature and people , dealerships. Let me know anyone everyone's feedback is welcome.

  15. _Thunderbolt_

    I need to buy a DSLR for video and filmaking around 400-500 USD(for body only or body and stock lens), and I was going to buy the Nikon D5300 but I heard it sucks for videos so I really need an advice on that price point for a DSLR. Please help me out

  16. Rexcie and trisha

    can you make review of canon t5i for youtube videos and best lense for canon t5i thank you i hope u do

  17. Tom Divis

    So it films 1080p in 30fps, does the video still look good when you film fast objects?

  18. Kingof12rael

    What everyone think about the 80d? Been shooting all my videos on my iPhone 6s Plus.

  19. mahbub rahman

    Hi Sean,,, what about canon eos 5d mark 3..which one you prefer for better quality.

  20. Corina Nielsen

    Would you still suggest this for YouTube? Specifically the auto focus feature? I'm on a 5d mk iii and focusing sucks!

  21. Sam nvmi

    Bro this video is very helpful , so right now we have 80D in market , what do you prefer 70d or 80d for video of outside shoot and studio shoot ?

  22. Gizzy Games

    See, I came into this video looking for a good DSLR for video. I got that part, thank you Sean. But the only issue with this is that, it may be good for video, but not for your wallet. This camera comes in at $1,000 USD, and I don't have that much money. Thank you though Sean, i'll remember this camera for when I have that much money!

  23. NomoTrix

    The GH3 is cheaper than GH4, and it's better than the 70D. Also, you're better off buying a GH4 used over a new 70D. The difference in features is way too steep.

  24. Flat-Hat Jac

    Hey Sean, great video there. I am looking for a good camera (DSLR) but of course now my objective has changed because I am getting into making YouTube videos. Since I already put some $$$ away for a good camera, I would like to know what you think about the Cannon EOS 80D vs the 70D. Thanks

  25. Leo Young

    Luckily this video is 2 years old and the price has dropped. Thank Allah for time travel.

  26. R.M.V.P Studios

    I use the canon vixia hf g20. I've even used it to make music videos it works great but I want to switch to an DslR..

  27. My Latest Review

    I hope you are well. By the way, I am a fan of your videos.
    They are awesome!


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