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  1. Sourav Sarkar

    I wanna buy a dslr. bt i really confuse about nikon d5300 nd canon 700d. plz suggest me what should I buy????

  2. Goyal Technical

    how performance of nikon d5500 with afp lense i mean with afp lense then which better for youtube videos .. canon t6i or nikon d5500 with afp lense replay me

  3. Andrei Ghetau

    If you're thinking of getting into photography don't fuckin spend money on this shit camera!

  4. Hannah Choi

    Hey y'all! Just reviewed the Canon T6i in 4 minutes if you're interested in a quick, comprehensive unboxing + photo/video test!

  5. Micsa66

    not enough info and for a review there was not info on the quality of pics etc,it's just not a review at all.

  6. ruffdraft

    This Nikon D5500 has been serving me well for the past four months and is great for street photography

  7. hasan sheikh

    d5300 also have wi fi stupid
    do some research then make a video

  8. Labib Hoque

    Is D5500 is a good option for Youtube videos???If not which DSLR is great for both stills and Video on this price point???

  9. Deportivo Independiente Medellin

    How is a 846 dollar camera a "entry level"?

  10. Mark j

    Hi Karl, I would like to get any comments from you on the more or most intuitive older DSLR cameras. I have a Canon 30D that is around 10 years old that i've bee trying to understand better and have been having a tough time remembering how to use the settings. I'm getting the feeling that Nikon or another brand around the same age might be more intuitive. I've owned Canon 35mm film SLR in the past and the aperature, shutter speed, etc settings are all mechanical and easy to see and remember how to adjust. With the Canon i have now i feel lost all the time. Can you maybe comment on 5 – 10 year old DSLR brand that you particularly find intuitive. I'm thinking of swapping out my D30 with a different DSLR. Thanks!

  11. Madhur Gupta

    I am looking to buy a budget DSLR which can capture night sky beautifully


    karl conrad what is a better camera the canon eos 100d or the nikon d5100 for videos

  13. J0nty -

    it's a fucking entry-level camera Not a semi – professional…
    te best entry-level is the canon 1200d or 1300d

  14. khair abdullah

    hey dude .. can u make video nikon dslr full spec from lowest to higher … dslr

  15. Brazil&US

    This cameras setup seems strange to me. I've been an avid Canon user and just got my first DSLR not too long ago. The set up of this camera is completely different than Canon, but for people who know very little about cameras and want their first DSLR I understand how this can be a great 1st camera. It seems sort of like a kid friendly set up when changing the ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed. It explains whats happening when you move the knobs with graphics and seems to be quite easy to learn the basics of Manuel Mode.


    I wish to buy dslr but my bad luck I dont have money

  17. RaciocinioPlease

    Hi there, I would like to ask for some help here…
    I am trying to buy a relatively good camera on a budget…one that has an acceptable zoom, creates high quality videos and specially makes nice photos and videos under poor illumination/night…
    I cannot spend more than 280 eur/300 USD..
    whch one of these would be enough for an amateur like me…

    Olympus PEN E-PL6
    Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ70
    A bit cheaper ones
    Nikon Coolpix S7000
    Canon PowerShot SX710 HS
    Canon PowerShot SX610 HS

    thanks a lot

  18. Sni Bu

    Can you guys give me a proposal which camera i can buy for 400-600€ , i want film 4k and will do youtune videos.

  19. Rajkamal Das

    Is nikon D5200 amd Tamron 150-600 is suitable for bird photography??

  20. William Ridenour

    Canon 70 or 80D—much better for youtube and general video–the dual pixel face follow focus is rock-solid stable and does not hunt….a MUST for effective presentation.


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