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  1. Allen Freeman

    I've used the A7R2 for all my shoots since June 2016. I liked it so much I sold all my Nikon gear (10 years with Nikon DSLR's mostly the full frame top of the line cams and lenses) and bought a second one (to shoot without swapping lenses) and use all Sony FE lenses. It's truly amazing.

  2. Joshua Graham

    can you count your teeth please. cause you got alot

  3. dallatorretdu

    I did afforded an A7II, it is not as good, but keeps a damn good peace with the 5D s of my partners.
    You should definately disable the setting scroller effects, i felt like it was slowing down the setting change.

  4. arnie escalada

    can you give me a more way cheaper mirrorless ones… with interchangeable lens as well…
    seriously im drooling to this A7's..

  5. Akio Asakura

    dont forgot about the A7M2, it doesnt have a 4K video recording, but the images are awesome as well!

  6. Nilsson Harvey Cajamarca Agudelo

    Hey man! What camera can you recommend if you are starting to shoot video? My idea is to record footage and add motion graphics to it. Thanks in advance

  7. shen berman

    your video doesn't mention quality! Type sony camera error on youtube and figure out how many people are having problems with these and other types of sony cameras. it's a joke!!!

  8. Chin Boon Moey

    i just think that the body is thin but the 35mm f1.4 lens adds a lot of bulk to it.. just comparing it with a canon 6D & a sigma 35mm f1.4 art, i'll rather go with the 6D package if price is a concern..

  9. Syed Asim Ali Shah

    i can't afford this, i will waiting until it come to $100 box

  10. Chakshu Aggarwal

    i am having the same camera with 90mmGM and sony 35mm f2.8 . i love the combination with these lens and it works great for me with almost every shot i take 🙂 🙂

  11. Mychal Simmons

    Awesome coverage on this camera. I love this camera can't wait to own one

  12. MarvellousMichelle

    what is the best canon camera, and if possible, the best mirrorless canon camera?

  13. Jeff S

    I still don't get the mirrorless deal yet…   with pro glass (especially with an adapter) it makes for essentially the same size and weight when you are carrying around a bag of batteries, but then you've got the drawbacks of crap battery, idiotically narrow mount, evf.  Just not worth it yet.   So unless you are shooting with pancake lenses the size deal isn't so much of a deal.   I sure love my A6000 for toting around as a toy,  but for work I'll stick to my 5d III   at least for now.

  14. ThyBallisticLui 57

    That is way too expensive, especially for me, a full time student.

  15. Rikku Strife

    If i buy this camera i might have to live in the box it comes in 🙁

  16. Steve Similien

    I have question. How do you get the items to review? Do you buy everything or….??

  17. James Smallwood

    Sony has a great partner in Zeiss. Zeiss optics are my favorite and their binoculars are outstanding as well!


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