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    This video was made on my birthday must be a sign this is the right camera for me

  2. Sound Design ASMR

    what about low light video performance. Should i automatically assume the LX100 is better in low light because the sensor is 1/3" larger?

  3. Miss Kaata

    what camera are you using to vlog this please it so clear I must have

  4. づんく Dzunku

    I own this camera and love it. The pop up view finder really helps in sunrise and sunset scenes. The F 1.8 lens can capture poorly lit scene well without a flash. I do not need 4K video but am tempted by slow motion video the later model provide though.

  5. Moses Karlos

    No point to have that camera in your pocket if you are wearing skin-tight jeans and or pants.You will break the darn thing

  6. CaNiHeLpYoU dOtCoM

    I would love to find one second hand! But even online it is so expensive! :/

  7. Janea Rreen

    can you do som cameras that are really good biut cheap like under 300 dollars please thnks

  8. Miloš Miladinović

    Hello Karl! What you think about Canon PowerShot Sx530Hs?

  9. rmz13

    Hey i am looking for a camera with a flip screen under £300 i mainly want it to take selfies/pictures the occasional video any recommendations will be appreciated 🙂

  10. Akshay Dhargave

    What about the Kodak AstroZoom line? Like az521 and az651. Could you do a quick review on (one of) them?

  11. We Can Do Everything Video's

    does he also makes the hey orange video he looks like him 🙂


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