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  1. Asgar Hassan

    Love the detailed review man. This made buying a new small camera much easier for me!

  2. Professional Gamer

    great easy to use camera for low light, but expensive and very short optical zoom.
    Useless if you are filming wildlife from a distance of more than 50 feet away.
    That's purely down to sensor size and optics, you'll never see a compact camera with a large sensor and 20 times of optical zoom

  3. David Taylor

    And for all of us that don't have a fortune
    The panasonic lumix is really nice!

  4. athlon1215

    Wow, that camera is awesome, but I'm more interested in your awesome jacket your wearing man, some crazy looking pockets designs? any chance you remember where you got it from??

  5. lmmatgaming

    Review the Nikon Coolpix A900 Please, and also the Nikon S9900 then compare both of them please. ( I want one of these but can't decide and I think your the one that will do it the best because you make it intresting

  6. Anyday Schoolday

    If only Sony stops paying for promotions like this and starts spending on research and development, they can end up with better and cheaper cameras.

  7. Faiz Gamer

    pls cn u give me on black camera small not dslr camera pls give me anyone pls

  8. Kurtz Family Travels

    Just saw video review, love it and your source material is it 60 fps or 30?

  9. Ewing Har

    Hi I travel alot to Kenya / Africa is there a good travel camera that can withstand much?

  10. Marcus Robinson

    It is a great camera, however, it just doesn't make sense to hype it up and NOT talk about what has been talked about for this model and the Mark V – nooooooooooooo touch screen. Only 5 min of 4K recording before overheating. The battery life SUUUUUCCCKKKKSSSSSS!!! And no in-body stabilization I believe. Yeah I know, "it's only a point and shoot camera. I doesn't have to have all that". TRUE but you are paying $1000!!!! I love Sony cameras but come on!

  11. Reece Paine

    Look at video
    Went on amazon to look at price
    *grabs gun
    Guess i will be robbing a bank today

  12. Decent vlogs

    I came in his channel and for no reason I just subscribed and I am gonna keep it that way.

  13. louman-eightyfour

    2:53 You can change the settings so it doesn't turn off when you push down the EVF.

  14. sha370z

    sony point and shoot save the day . After nikon camera brake down at the
    Airport before Flying for 15 hr for vacation . Have a back up camera

  15. Jaden Collier

    i dont think im going to go with this camera simply on the price…

  16. Ashley Sullivan

    Would you recommend this camera for vlogging as well? I'm deciding between the Sony RX100MV and the CanonG7Xii. Immediate use of the camera will be for photos and short videos, but I would like to get into vlogging as well. Which do you recommend?

    The Canon has superior autostabilization, as well as a touch screen that allows for touch to focus. Help!!

  17. Marco Flores

    i recomend a nixon s9900 for only 250 best you can get for that price

  18. SUPERSS90

    That's a $800 Dollars Point and Shoot Camera.. For that amount I get a nice DSLR..

  19. Maria

    I exited the video like after a minute because I saw the camera is almost 1,000 dollars. I wish, bye.

  20. Tamara Barton

    I finally found the perfect gift for my man! !! he's going to flip when he gets this on Christmas day

  21. Ma Li

    MY GOD this thing is a Beast is the point he made me definitely NEED one.

  22. JJ Falafel

    You can change the setting for the view finder so it doesn't turn off the camera when you close it. I had to browse the menu settings for it haha


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