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  1. Kevin Lin

    Great video as always Chris! I would definitely want the SL2. I'm running a film club in my school and the SL2 will be a perfect camera for the club since the new members don't need anything fancy (FF, 4k, 60+fps slow motion…etc). And the SL2's Dual Pixel AF will be perfect for them!

  2. arsal naveed

    Can u please make more videos with more camera brands and models. Would help even more. Great job Chris

  3. Chinmay B Gowda

    hey Christ ur doing gud work supporting a basic instruction about DSLR . and ur experience of work gave us a gud teaching .keep doing the gud work .

  4. CptainWolfie10

    I love to take tons of pictures on vacation! I love the chance to be able to get new and interesting photos of the location and even maybe the animals!

  5. CptainWolfie10

    I would love to take a 80D or even a SL2 out to vacation spots! I think those for me are the best canon cameras for me (amateur photographer)


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