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  1. Eric Nally

    The Panasonic ZS100 is another great option to consider. Not as fast of a lens (starting at f2.8) but has a fantastic zoom range of 25-250, touchscreen if that's important to you and an electronic viewfinder. Autofocus is really great and image quality is on par with the other 1" sensor cameras and it's pocketable. I have it along with the RX100V. While I love both cameras I prefer the ZS100. I can't articulate why other than to just say that it feels better in my hands. I personally believe its autofocus is slightly better even in low light with the slower lens though I haven't sat and done any kind of scientific comparisons. It's certainly worth a look.

  2. Aaron Rebarchek

    Get double the zoom with the Panasonic LUMIX ZS100. 20MP 1" sensor.

  3. rick zanotti

    Hi Matt, surprised you didn't recommend the FZ2500 wich has the large zoom range for shooting animals or landscapes…

  4. brian glenville

    I really appreciate all the advice , especially of course from Matt. Perhaps one thing I omittted is the requirement to have a viewfinder. I've really struggled in the past in very bright light even with the excellent D500 back screen so that narrows the choices a bit. Again great channel Matt, thanks a lot!!!

  5. Hagen Trondheim

    I would recommend the Rx100 because it has a very good HDR mode. As an alternative the TZ101 as it has a lot more reach

  6. Kang Chem

    What about some bridge camera with super telephoto lens, like Lumix FZ series. Tiny sensor, but I guess that decent enough if you shooting in bright sunlight.

  7. Animesh Deka Phukan

    he doesn't want to degrade quality…. so the a6000 would be no.1 for him🙂

  8. YouTuber Law

    I own the LX10 and live it. The one issue I have, that most do not speak of, is the small size and form factor make it hard to handle for those with bigger hands. I sure wish it had some drip add-On. Still looking for a solution✋️

  9. dunnymonster

    Wildlife needs a long telephoto so if you want a pocketable camera with good reach get the Panasonic ZS100. You get a 25mm to 250mm zoom and a great 1" sensor. Sure the aperture isn't great at 250mm but you'll be shooting in bright sunshine for the most part. It's also well into your price range at only around $600. 😀

  10. Adrian Leskiw

    RICOH GR II … 28mm equiv. APS-C sized sensor, pocketable, excellent IQ, only $600

  11. Vici Martynov

    I went through all this last year, I got annoyed at my heavy and cumbersome Nikon DSLR and in the end it only left the room on the first day; never ever again on holiday I vowed. So what did I use all week? The totally indestructable and beautiful little red Olympus TG-3. There really is nothing else like it on the market; it even has a microscope mode and equivalent 24-100mm lens. I carry it 24/7 all year round in my handbag just as I have always carried some variant of the Olympus Mju since 1994. I dropped that first Mju down a scottish mountain and it was still working till i replaced it years later. You can drop the TG-3 6ft onto the ground and watch it bounce on into 50ft of water and it will still be working when you fish it out. You are right its not quite good enough as a main camera, though I didnt complain about the 300 shots I got last year. So for travel I bought the amazing Panasonic 14-140mm zoom and found a used GX7; total combined price £650. This year I will be taking the GX7 with zoom plus my Olympus 17mm f1.8 street lens, the TG-3 and a pair of the amazing Nikon Travelite IV 8×25 binoculars. That is all I will be taking; the combined weight of these items is less than my old D7100 with 35mm lens and all will fit in my handbag; I wont be taking a camera bag on holiday again 😉

  12. Bradley Weghorst

    Consider the Canon G7X mark ii for just a bit more reach. It has a range of 24-100 with an aperture range of 1.8-2.8. No 4k but he doesn't need it. Can't really go wrong with the Sony or Panasonic either. Don't let the gear get in the way of such an awesome trip!

  13. ds.techie

    Matt, both your suggestions are excellent. But let us face the facts.
    (1) Professor Brian has been shooting with the pro-level APS-C D500 with pro lenses (a man after my own heart). IMO such a person will NEVER be satisfied by 1/2.3"(LX10) or 1" (RX100) sensor cameras (I do not like the pics if I pixel-peep). 30×20? No way!
    (2) Wild-life needs a tele lens, landscape needs a wide or normal lens. I do not see how he can manage both with a single lens – large zoom lenses are never sharp enough. So a telezoom and a wide lens is the bare minimum.
    (3) His budget is around $1200. That makes it tough, and almost impossible to have a fully satisfactory setup.
    (A)APS-C is out – will never fit within budget.
    (2)Panasonic GX85 (cheapest compact decent M43 camera @$598) – G7 is bulkier, Panasonic Lumix G X vario 34-100mm f2.8 ASPH Power OIS is the sharpest telezoom @$898 for wildlife, Panasonic Lumix G 20mm f1.7 II ASPH @$268 for landscape – is the lowest priced yet sharp combo I could find. If he reserves the D500 for wild life, then he can buy only the 20mm pancake lens – the combo is pocketable. Plus he can have the telezoom in a cargo-pant pocket if needed for wildlife.

  14. Phantom Menace

    Go with the bigger sensor of the Panasonic LX100 or the Canon Eos M5/6.


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