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  1. Better Life Reviews

    Thanks for the information. I liked the color tone in the first few seconds better.

  2. Briana's Vlogs

    My camera just broke on the weekend, now trying to find a good one to buy/use for my videos!

  3. MaggieAnn Kay

    How's the canon g3x!! I've been looking into it but there wasn't a lot of in depth content. I'm very interested in an external mic. I also want to do sit down videos along with everyday Vlogs

  4. Natasha Din

    thank you for all the information and the link shared..this video is simple yet very clear and delivered..its a helpful video.

  5. Tj Holowaychuk

    hahaha that's my photo from Unsplash on your imac! Small world πŸ˜€ cool to see it out in the wild

  6. Easter D's Life

    omggg!! πŸ˜πŸ’• someday will own one of you πŸ“ΉπŸ“·

  7. alefromtheheart

    This is EXACTLY what I needed right now… planning on starting a second channel for vlogging, you helped me make a decision! Thanks Chris!

  8. Animesh Deka Phukan

    chris sir…which camera did u use in this video of yours…its quality looks a bit different than what u shoot like on all of ur videos with the 80d…which one??

  9. BREAD 5657

    is the give away still active plz I need a camera me poor plus

  10. Tobit Yeast

    I'm looking a lightweight camera for vlogging for my niece… wondering either Canon G7X Mark ii or Canon EOS M5…
    She'll be moving around, and not going to care about technical stuff but I think she would want some room for expansion such as adding mic… what is your take on it?

  11. rrbarcarse

    Hi Cris, thanks for the review and went ahead and subscribed! Any chance you can review Panasonic FZ300? I know it's an older camera but given it's features and price (4K, weather sealed, mic input, articulating screen, 28-600 zoom with fixed f/2.8) for sub $500 it's actually a really good package, specially for folks looking for a 4K camcorder/video camera, not to mention for youtube vlogging. The only downside I see is the 1/2.3" sensor but if you know what you're doing (shoot manual, limit ISO to 800, and shutter speed to 1/30 in lowlight) IQ isn't that bad. I already have D810 with a slew of gold ring lenses and don't want to mess with another lens line-up say with a Panasonic G85/G7, Sony A series etc.

  12. Jared Tuck

    Anyone else recognize that he filmed this video in 2016 to talk about the best vlogging camera of 2017 πŸ˜‚

  13. arfreeman11

    The Canon t7i is available for pre order now, if it hasn't been pointed out, yet.

  14. Orville Salvilla

    Hi Chris I'm from Philippines I want to win the canon t6 because i really need it for being a beginner photographer cause I dont Have DSLR I hope i can win that Canon t6 πŸ˜πŸ˜­πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ»

  15. Elisha The Youtuber

    Hi! Is the canon waterproof? Plz answer quick need to get ready for my vlogs!

  16. Jack Ster - Minecraft And More

    Can I have it for my YouTube channel coz I want to vlog but I can not effort it

  17. Zaria's Place

    please i have a channel and i need one please i am 11 please

  18. Chila Koran

    i never win something 😒😒 can i win i watch every vedio ii love it


    Hi everyone! we use the Panasonic FZ300. It's a great camera for vloggling in good light conditions. In low light it shows a lot of ghosting in the dark areas, but it's ok to record videos in the city (if you want to show a well illuminated place, traffic lights…). It has timelapse integrated, for those who are fans of that feature. Autofocus is very accurate. This camera needs some fine tunning (there are a lot of parameters), but in general, we think it is a good camera for vlogging.

    Thank you for your videos πŸ™‚

  20. zayemusic

    wuts goin on chris I've been watching and learning from you for a few years now and i was wondering what was a good sharp wedding all around lens for a canon 80d ??? I'm bout to upgrade to one and i ready don't won't the kit lens.

  21. Break Facts And Coffee

    Subbed! I found you yesterday night while I was looking for a entey level camera for shooting product review videos for youtube! Good vidz! Im in for the giveaway!

  22. Generation 5

    Hello Mr. Winter
    I am Nikhil from India and I need a dslr under $500 budget. Please suggest me one.

  23. Miraschmitzi

    Thanks for the (extremely useful) review. I started my own channel so just trying to gain some support! Tried a few cams out like the Canon 5D M3, Sony a5100 and some drone stuff. Everyone is welcome to have a look! I'd love some constructive feedback! Thanks!


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