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  1. dino whitton

    I thought bokeh was just an out of focus background with a subject somewhere in between that's in focus.

  2. danielle wilusz

    Can you do a tutorial about like shooting in manuel mode and how to counterbalance shutter speed and all that stuff.

  3. Niko Jay

    Long exposure bokeh shot: Still Objects Only: take one bokeh shot and one long exposure and screen them over each other in Photoshop.

  4. sarihaddu

    I like how he says manning up… Like "if you have enough balls try it" simple and precise tutorial. Thanks

  5. Madison French

    love your videos! it would be awesome to see a video about how iso, aperture, and sutter speed effect each other. i always have trouble getting the shot i want, especially in darker settings

  6. Алексей Коротких

    что за дерьмо что за стаканчик

  7. Nur Alia

    i want ask you.. what lens did you use to shoot that kind lovely photo n video?

  8. Taslima Siddiqua

    which is better for bokeh? 50mm 1.8 stm or 40mm 2.8 stm? which makes bokeh circules larger in those

  9. bat prime

    Thank you I know how to get this effect I didn't know proper term for it I'm still learning I'm level above amateur below professional

  10. Ritchieee21

    Just one question this lens is good for people portraits?? 🙂

  11. Big B

    Great Video bro! Keep em coming! Quick tip tho, unless I'm missing something I think you typed your shutter speeds using incorrect syntax. eg. 1/60" would be a 60 second exposure. THink you mean 1/60, as in 1/60th of a second 😉

    Still an informative and fun vid tho, and you have a great presentation style! <3 yr work!

  12. ACAB

    I'm getting the 50mm for Christmas tomorrow and can't wait to do this type of shot, my friend has this lens and I fell in love with it as soon as I used it 🤘🏼

  13. jedijroc83

    I do not recommend using a thumbs down motion when telling people about the link below. Also that cupful of the green liquid could've been urine so maybe do not pick up cups with strings liquids in them.


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