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  1. Joel Pinay

    Oh man been looking for my first ever dslr for awhile now got a d3200 given to me but no charger so can't use it

  2. afuh adeck

    This is a really awesome video man! So much important information on your channel! I really want to get into photography and YOUR Chanel is helping me a lot! Keep up the work!

  3. Sari Deviani

    Camera Nikon tu mahal dx og..Saya hanya punya kamera canon

  4. Cherryy Chauhan

    Thank you so so much! It was exactly the kind of review I needed.

  5. kerrigan billings

    I actually like this channel keep it up looking for a camera my grandad has been big on it forever I'm trying to get into it seems like a field I would like

  6. Laura Medley

    I've really been loving your channel recently. I'm trying to improve my photography and your videos are so helpful to me – thank you 😊

  7. Julia Stanzel

    This helped me out a lot to decide what camera I want to buy – thank you!

  8. Super Disney Fan

    Hello! I am considering buying a camera, however, there are WAY too many to choose. Can anybody help me decide… if so, read on:
    I would like a camera that is $700 or lower
    I don't care what brand it is
    I want a camera that can take high resolution pictures (that I can edit later)
    I don't care what type of body it has, as long as it can take a few drops
    It doesn't matter if it is an "entry dslr", I'm smart, I can figure out how to use it

    Thank you for reading this far 🙃

    I would like some lens stabilization

    It doesn't have to be touch screen

    I would like fast focusing

    Though I said I didn't care who made it, I would like it to be Canon or Nikon

    Thank you… please recommend any cameras down below or ask any questions that would help you narrow down any cameras

  9. Safia Moussaoui

    omg this is soooo helfull kus i want to buy myself a camera but i wasn't sure wich one

  10. DaniDoodles


  11. Parker lestrudVids

    Love your videos man! You have really helped me pick my first DSLR! I subscribed keep the amazing videos up!

  12. Landon Holmes

    I love your video…Your good at explaining things… You teached me about cameras and now I want one

  13. m p

    You missed a point while talking about video. The Canon T6 only records up to 30fps, whereas the D3300 gets up to 50fps. If you're looking to use slow motion while editing it makes a huge difference.

  14. æĩįžŽå­ H-San

    My brother is convinced I should get a Canon. He points out that everyone has a Canon,and my reasoning is that it's because Canon is the biggest name in the camera market, therefore it has the most recognition due to exposure. However, in my mindset, Ive seen good images coming from Nikon, so why not try it?

  15. Zehtic

    i'm getting a nikon D3300 in a couple of days but i don't know how i'm going to be able to share my pictures to my phone

  16. creator studio

    i have already subscribed your channel so what should i have to do to get a d slr?

  17. Alfie Lippett

    I think I love both but I love the canon t6 more sorry nikon


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