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  1. SWAT3181

    You speak like as if pop-ups are constantly appearing. Just state your information and promote your other videos at the end next time.

  2. Taylan Ünver

    I decided to buy d3400. Which lens should i buy for portrait and landspace photos

  3. Everett Madsen

    Which one is better in low light? I am deciding between the two and would be using it for photographing wildlife at night up close with the only lighting being flashlights and stuff.

  4. AllAboutAn

    I've made up my mind and decided to go with the d3400 with its specs and design but it's way too much money for my first dslr. Is it worth spending that much? Also which has the best wifi&bluetooth connection?

  5. ElliottSmithSocks

    Why is there no in depth comparison of actual image quality comparison? I'm probably leaning on the Canon. The Nikon seems better, but all the lenses for the Canon seems to be equally well for about half the price. So the total cost of the camera + portrait and wide lense is substantially less with a Canon.

  6. john lin

    hi guys I'm extremely new to cameras from my research I've narrowed down to those choices,

    image and video quality are important to me, because I plan to travel and take alot of pictures and videos.

    which of those would best for me.

    Sony alpha a6000

    Nikon D3400

    Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ300K

    Panasonic LUMIX G7

    Panasonic LUMIX 85

    Canon EOS Rebel T6i

    Canon PowerShot g7x mkll

    top 3?

  7. CK Films

    SO I DID MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE! sighs heavily I was at The Source (Canadian Tech Store) and I was debating there which camera to get, I chose the D3400, because I tend to go more towards Nikon than anything else. And I am happy I made the right choice!

  8. MinuteDawn80936

    i would choose the cannon rebel t6 because its way cheaper and even tough he said its ahead of the game only by a little bit

  9. Mn Gasman

    which camera would you recommend for night sky photography? like the milky way, or Auroras


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