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  1. Lexi Barnes

    I'm starting to get into photography and my iPhone camera and digital isn't doing the trick for the sport action shots i want, do you have any recommendations for a beginner?

  2. Joshua Chew

    is the a6000 better than the d3300 or d5500 in sports photography?

  3. Julie McKean

    I am so happy I found you! I have subscribed and will be watching all your videos! I am in the market for my first ever DSLR type camera and was wondering if you may be able to steer me towards one of 3 camera choices I have narrowed down based on price and what I am using it for? …. for the most part, I will be utilizing my future camera for daytime youth football, evening high school football, all age levels of wrestling and baseball as well as everyday family stuff. Eventually, I would like to dabble in more such as nature/wildlife photography and stills…of virtually anything! lol

    The 3 cameras I am considering are the Nikon D5200, D5300 and the Nikon Coolpix P900….. I have included links to the actual deals I have been looking at and could sincerely use your professional expertise. My target price was between 550-750. Any other recommendation would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance and even if I do not hear back from you… thank you for providing such insightful videos! 🙂

    Coolpix P900-


    D5300 deal 1-

    D5300 Deal 2-

  4. Charlotte Maria Daugaard

    Great explanation and you are easy to understand, even for a Danish Newbie Photographer.
    I currently have a GX7 for practice, but hopefully I will be able to upgrade soon. (Money, money money 😉

    Do you have any suggestion on how to figure out the exact write speed for a camera not yet bought?
    Thank you in advance
    /Charlotte Maria

  5. Sword of Space & Time

    You know its winter when Spyros Heniadis has a big beard again. LOL

  6. Victor Rivera

    Question, what if you shot in manual?…you set it. .stay in the same spot. .then shoot when needed. it's it possible to capture a good shot?

  7. Victor Rivera

    Great info spyros, and I'm glad you spoke on the d7000 which I still have one. if you have info on the d600 which I have, let me know because interesting enough the photographer at work asked if I'd be interesting in doing some race track photography. Good to see you, and I imagine it's coooold up north because you're sporting the beard for it.

  8. Vincent112

    To be honest, I don't think raw is used all that much for sports photography. The pro's shoot JPEG because it's edited which allows immediate upload to a news desk.
    While the dad on the side line will be better shooting JPEG because of the frame rate. On the focus, I'd say that the glass is probably more important these days.


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