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  1. Aerodigitales

    Excellent way to explain it, thank you very much. I have a question for you, i do aerial photography from a single engine Cessna, right now I'm using a Nikon D3300 with a AF-S 55-200 lens (non VR). And I just got a Canon G7 Mark II.
    I've noticed that this Nikon needs a very high f. Stop number (18-20) for getting decent sharpness in all the photo frame (deep depth of field) and high shutter speed (above 640) so I have to increase ISO which means a lot of noise in my photos… is there any other settings you can suggest for me to get sharper photos with this camera please? Or is it the lens?
    And about the Canon, i got it because is a smaller camera, i even can carry it on my pocket! Haven't used it already but i will appreciate if you can give me the best settings for, again, sharpie photos!
    Thanks again, regards from Colombia South America!

  2. Ruth Rose

    Your videos and explanations are wonderful! Thanks so much.

  3. Sheree Naqvi

    This is a very good video. Definitely helped a lot, I am finally learning how to use my DSLR. Can you please make a video about taking pictures in dark. e.g you're in a dark room but trying to focus on a particular subject, or you're out on the beach at night or in a park. I would really appreciate that. Thank you so much!

  4. Whoa Brian

    Great tutorial! Quick question: does shutter speed affect dof? If so, how? Thank you!


    Yo shout out to this guy man Youre the real OG. I've learnt so much from your stuff thank you soo much

  6. Prashant Shilal

    thanks for your videos..makes a lot of sense..subscribed 📷

  7. David Montecinos

    Finally some one put a video that explained this subject in a way anybody can understand. Thank you!!!

  8. BMyselfNow

    I love how you explain things….this makes so much sense!!!

  9. Ivy Kim

    Thank you. I love the way you explain. It's very simple to understand for beginner like me!

  10. Cody McKinney

    what about if i want a 2 objects in focus that are seperate and everything behind it out of focus. ex: 2 people reaching out to each other but about 10 feet apart

  11. Kenny Tai

    I felt like I was at the eye doctor lol. 1 or 2? 2 or 3? Great video!

  12. msmartinigirl1

    Great video explaining depth of field. You make a sometimes confusing subject for beginners to understand very easy to understand.


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