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  1. Bob Diaz

    Nice video, but WHY was it shot handheld? You do know what a tripod is used for? ;-))

  2. Phen0mable

    I'm looking for one to vloging up to £120 with fixed lens.

  3. Brandon H

    I like picture of cities and buildings.  My smartphone isn't great at that.  What would you suggest?  I'm in Philly and plan to visit NYC in a few weeks, and I want to take many quality photos

  4. RedLadyBug

    what camera would you recommend to someone that wants a polaroid camera but also wants the camera to save the pictures that are being taken as well as the picture being printed off.

  5. Andy Cable

    Sony Camera suffers from CMOS problems with colored vertical lines in many photos.  DO NOT BUY A SONY camera- They sold me a Protection Plus Warranty for this camera then when problem occurred and was sent to repair station they wanted to bill me $161.  They refused to honor the Warranty because I could no longer supply original sakes receipt even though they had sold a Extended Warranty for if showing the Serial Number.  They offered to refund the Warranty cost of $25 rather than perform their contractual obligation to fix it.  Poor design and worse Customer Service . Will NEVER purchase another Sony product! 

  6. Advait Thakur

    Your video camera is definitely the best !

    The video colour was so sharp, I thought the video is playing at least on 360 p for sure. 360 p usually plays slow in my PC browser. As the video was going fast I just checked as I thought the speed has increased. But I was amazed to see that the video was playing at just 144 p !

  7. MsHunniDew502

    can you suggest a camera for video recording and uploading on YouTube? also budge friendly :))

  8. Arif Ramzan

    I'm looking to get my 1st camera, would use it mainly to upload xbox gameplay and to take quality pictures, would like a wi fi one, on a budget, what should I get? The more mp the better & the zoom


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