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  1. Jim Osman

    Hey Jared. One serious question. How do I make my hair look like yours ? thank you

  2. Javier Lara

    What happend to that intro bro?? where you mad or something? hahaha 😂 lol

  3. Makoto Sekai

    I use my sony dsc hx50v and I don't have any dslr and it doesn't have an raw file featured in my camera is there any way to take great pictures without shooting RAW?

  4. The legendary Chad

    when u shot raw . do u have to edit them . can i just shot it then post them ?  trust i will learn how to eddet. just want to know

  5. Hennie Van As

    Dear Jared, i have purchased the 3 hour beginners guide – digital photography but there appear to be a problem with the script – unable to download onto my mac.

  6. wechscircresfi

    Did anyone purchase Go Above and Beyond Auto?Is it really that good?
    Iam not sure if it worth 66$ or not..

  7. gsboss

    for some of the photography i want to do, like a lot of nature shots and birds n shit, i kinda do need that lens

  8. Oranginality

    Would this work for iphones? I don't have a real camera…^_^;

  9. Marco Angelo Aspera

    Mr. Fro just got followed by me!!! Your awesome! Nice tips! 

    I like this guy.. he doesn't delay stuff and talk alot.. and he's not boring like those super pro photographers that lectures you in super boring slow-mo formal manner. hahahahaa

  10. Universal035

    Is there anyone I could talk to about photography for beginners? Because I'm one & I want to travel & take pictures of beautiful outside atmosphere & landscape. I want to have a job like that. You know.. someone who either could book in an appointments for me to travel & take pics. I want to have a fun job like that. It doesn't even have to be anyone who could book in appointments for me. Who can I talk to about this question? +Jared Polin 

  11. THEmickTHEgun

    I'm fairly new to photography so I don't know much but I have been capturing good photos here and there. What is a DSLR and how does this make your photos better? I have a Pentax X-5 digital camera by the way and I'm still learning how to optimise my settings for the best results in whatever situation I am in. I do not have any additional lenses besides the one that is already built onto my camera which is a 4.0mm-104mm lense. Is this a good lens and once again, what is a DSLR?

  12. Jared Polin

    Really any DSLR so you can start to understand the fundamentals.

  13. skylar garcia

    I really want to get into photography could you tell me some names of a good starters cameras plz?

  14. Jared Polin

    the same exposure fundamentals apply. But the guide is not geared towards video.

  15. Matt McVicker

    Get good Glass!! Makes a huge difference!! Thanks Jared

  16. InstantG4mingTV

    I got my camera last month and need some help.
    My images are shit … I mean, they're not out of focus, theyre sharp and everything, but somehow when I look at my pictures there is no feel, no story. It's just a photo.
    Do you guys know a reason what I could be doing wrong?

  17. Sara Naczas

    I just purchased my first digital SLR last week. I stumbled upon your videos & I am so grateful. Thank you for all of the valuable information for beginners and THANK YOU for not talking down to me like I'm an idiot. Great advice, well-presented. I've learned a lot from you in a very short amount of time. I will be checking out your website, etc. And, yes, you have awesome hair. But you already knew that. 😉

  18. Michael Truitt

    If you don't have to don't. But if its like a bird then you may have to zoom in since the bird may fly off when you get close. It's all about what your shooting.

  19. metalligimp

    Ever since I got my first DSLR (which i'm still using, a Canon T3) I've been shooting RAW, doing my edits, doing whatever I'm going to do with the jpg (usually posting to my Facebook photography page) and then reverting the RAW file back to it's original shot settings (assuming I kept the shot in the first place). Is this a good practice?

  20. Kayla Hoffman

    My word, I adore you. I feel like your insight and videos are about to propel me to a much higher level of photography.

  21. DJ DynabasZ

    HAHAHAHAHAh!! when he said you have feet….. or a wheelchair he thought WTF am I saying! XD

  22. Mounir Martha

    i don't know how to work with the RAW files
    how to store them and upload them etc..

    Can you please show me the video about this ..

  23. Connor Moore

    I don't really understand RAW. I take picture both RAW and Jpeg but when I compare the RAW to the JPEG the Raw is grainy and has noise and is also rounded and distorted, but when I look at the Jpeg, it's has more saturation, no grain, and is't distorted. at first I thought well that because you add all that yourself in Lightroom on the RAW files but I'm not to sure. am I right in thinking this?

  24. xCarlosKidx

    on a full frame camera yes, but on it a cropped sensor camera the 50mm turns into 80mm. I have that lens for my 60D, you have to get used to it being zoomed in so much but it's still a good lens.

  25. Mostafa Negm

    I have Nikon L310 coolpix so I what do you think about it? I'm Beginner in photography Please Reply Fast :))

  26. alder kennedy

    i absoluetly love his mindset, this deserves my subscribe

  27. Lucas Raccio

    I'm tryin' to find the vid about point #4 about post processing images but you have a lot of vids man, so I'm asking if it is possible to help me to find it…

  28. Emmanuel Martin

    What about the "nifty fifty" 50mm 1.8?
    Is this a good lens to start with?

  29. Anselmo DeAraujo

    hey i just picked the d5100 at best buy, they priced matched primotronix web site i only paid 395.00 plus tax… fiy

  30. GaMeOvErRules

    Im going to be getting the nikon d5100.. what lense should I get with it? PLEASE HELP


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