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  1. Folgu Sonowal

    Sir koi sig mution me rehe ga to v ye apni lock kara hua object par phokous rehe ga kya??

  2. Nedim Mujic

    So stupid, she needs some classes. First you don't touch the model and second never us the camera flash.

  3. beruud

    I enjoyed this. Thank you. My main point for using a flash is to make sure the eyes come alive. many many times I take a picture outdoors and the eyes are "dead" (no reflection). A flash guarantees a reflection. I feel some of her shots were washed out with the flash and lost some detail. I also noticed, and I could be wrong, she was shooting @35-50mm… Portrait 101 tells me not to do that, a minimum of 52MM, or I shoot around 70mm. Just my 2 cents. Thanks again for the video!

  4. Waxy Parsnips

    why not use a reflector instead of the cameras (useless) flash? Using the flash on the camera would require one to set the "power" output of the flash in order to properly expose the subject. Simply too much messing around and wasting the clients time. Using a reflector is easier and faster and produces 80% of the time, a better lit subject. Just sayin'!

  5. Dirty Dan

    I HAVE A QUESTION!! I'm new to DSLR Photography, I use a Sony a68 & it came with a lens! I want to use it to work on cine photography as well at portraits (people) why would I need a different type of lens/specific lens for portraits!?!? What are some good lens tips when buying for portraits?

  6. EmilyNicole Schuch

    here is a better tip. use some sort of diffusion . like a bounce . bounce the natural sunlight and soften it with diff.

  7. Ludi D

    Wow you guys are horrible here in the comments. What snobs! Everyone is at their own pace, everyone has access to different equipment or does not have access to a flash besides the one in the camera…what a bunch of snobs…keep to yourself.

  8. Ismail Eminov

    Only use flash at night use natural light in the day time to get all the natural colors and try to learn and shoot in manual mode it will be worth it.

  9. Apple Collector

    i want to learn how to be a professional photographer on a phone and a point& shoot camera instead if a dslr one

  10. Alisha Jones

    For a dummy like myself, this explained a lot. I've been trying to figure out how to use the flash when I want to use it and you just answered that. Good looking out!

  11. Daniel Blaskowitz

    Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about ways to get rid of double chin fast try Elumpa New Face Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  12. 717deathmetal

    Yea this is a horrible video. This isn't how you use a high end camera at all. Learn about using the proper inner functions of the camera. That's why you spent 600 dollars on it.

  13. Whyatt Preston

    These tips are ok for the average person who just wants to take some snapshots on family outings or something. Definitely not good for any "real" photographers.


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