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  1. Hot Pixels Photography

    Trey isn''t a qualified teacher (from my subjective perspective). He seems to wing it. (Sorry mate)

  2. Predrag Rosic

    Great tutorial! Just what I needed. Inspiring and intriguing to me to explore further. THX! Keep up the good work.

  3. Rhonda L

    This isn't what I thought it would be. Perhaps what he's showing us is that the artistic side of his work comes from what he can do with the editing program, making it just like he wants it to be. And perhaps… advertising for Photoshop lightroom? Idk…. Either way this unfortunately wasn't much help for someone new to photography.

  4. My Kron

    Tip for the clever people. Take a picture without the noise. U cant spend the saved processing time by taking more photos! 😉

  5. Deon Hamilton

    interesting videos you work very much the same way as i do but i would have had the shadows up even higher so the trees not so underexposed


    I still thinking talking about RAW at this stage was a mistake. I have shot RAW for ten years, but I can still remember how hard all of this was at the start. I'm actually shooting less RAW these days to be fair.

  7. cq33xx

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  8. Sheila Andersen

    Trey – I shot a hundred or so photos in raw with my Canon EOS T5 some months ago only to find my laptop had no way of processing them. It wasn't until I bought a new laptop that I could actually see the photos. I think, unless someone has the resources to do a lot of post processing, maybe raw isn't the best right off the bat. Your thoughts?

  9. Jaime Cifuentes

    I don’t like the way that you handle the camera, especially to focus on your subject @ 11:00.

  10. I. Bunker

    Beginners take note, as a warning. I'm writing this just because so many beginner posters have felt this video was fantastic, awesome, perfect, the best. As an introductory tutorial for beginners or anybody else, this video is extremely weak. He doesn't teach anything, he gives almost no real information and he even makes at least one false statement (repeating it twice): i.e. that if you just set the aperture to F8 you will get "EVERYTHING in focus". That's wrong (both times). If you set smaller apertures, will you then get MORE than everything in focus? He never mentions depth of field. Isn't that a basic, very important concept? He doesn't say how auto aperture changes the shutter speed, and he doesn't even point out the visibly changing shutter speed when he's showing the Info screen and changing the aperture. He says to let the camera decide on the shutter speed. He says the camera gets it perfect almost all the time. Well my doesn'the and neither does anybody else's camera. It might not hurt him to mention the exposure composition control, but hey, I don't remember him even referring to 'exposure' when he's telling you how to take the landscape shot. He never says 'meter' or tells what the camera is trying to do when it decides on a shutter speed. He doesn't explain the WHY of anything except for why to shoot raw. He ignores the role of shutter speed and of ISO. And doesn't tell us that 1/4000 is unnecessarily fast for a landscape. He does say he would lower the ISO from 6400 to reduce noise, but give a hint at what "noise" is until much later in the video. By the way to some poster, ISO 6400 was not Nikon's fault. Trey chose the ISO, not Nikon.
    In Lightroom (most of the video), he basically moves some sliders around but rarely tells the actual function of the sliders he's moving — he only tells whether it improves the image in his opinion. He doesn't like to increase the Saturation, but his reasoning doesn't make sense. He likes to add Vibrancy but doesn't tell what that actually does in the image (except look better in his eyes). He's post-processing the landscape snapshot without explaining his moves. Nothing helpful about that. Noise reduction gets rid of all the noise but leaves all the details sharp? I wish!

    Okay, this was more of a trailer for his for-sale tutorials and not a good a
    tutorial. But it's a lousy trailer because it doesn't give any evidence that
    the tutorials for sale are good. And there's some wrong information and poor guidance in it, as mentioned above. Maybe he's posted better free videos since this one was made. I hope so. His boring (to me), droning, information-less delivery doesn't encourage me to spend much effort find them.

  11. David Sally

    Just watched your TED talk.. The Catholic schoolgirl one lol… Bet you knew most of the items the audience were going to pick lol… The Patrick Stewart story was very inspiring… Cheers..

  12. nurseemmanuelle

    This video is amazing! Strong work. The tree was brought to life! I'm planning on buying my first DSLR to become a beginner hobbyist with the goal of becoming a serious enthusiast. Your video is the best I've seen so far.


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