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  1. Favorite Comment

    I have one question for you:
    Are you… ARE YOU the God of photography?
    Ive been searching all over for anything possible that could help me to understand photography more AND I FOUND YOU! I clearly understood everything that you were saying and the examples were so helpfull. Thank you!

  2. Juan Gonzalez

    Great video, I will use it a lot for reference, I'm new at this…

  3. siraj ahmed abdul aziz

    very easy and simple way of explaining with practicals. thank you.

  4. Umair Ulhaque

    Hi Serge, I was following few of your interesting tutorials about retouching landscape then I found this video and I really appreciate your efforts as you explained the entire technical terms and theories of the photography very comprehensively in just an hour of this video. A lot of Merci to you!

  5. Fernando Muller

    Could you please explain wich are the advantages in shooting with a dslr instead of a superzoom camera like a nikon p900 or a cannon sx-60? In my opinion, superzoons are cheaper and do all that dslr do with Just one single lens. Thank you for your attencion.

  6. Fernando Muller

    Congratulation for the video. There's everything that one have to know to take greats shoots. Thank you!

  7. Мирослав Джоров

    The ISO calculations around the 12th minute are wrong. ISO values are 100, 200, 400, the 125, 160, 250, 320 values are 1/3 steps. The speed goes twice faster when the ISO changes with 1 step – 100-> 200, 200->400, 400-> 800. 100->125 doesn't increase the speed or chip sensitivity twice, but with 1/3.

  8. Maqsood Ali Ali

    Ramelli sir I hav purchased canon 700d 18-135 stm kindly pls guide me iam a new user of this camera pls tel me how to set the camera in manual mode to take pics in sun. How to set pls tel me sir I hav taken in sun but its come all bright like a white every where

  9. Marcy Leigh

    long video but doesn't seem so because it's broken up into segments. Extremely informative, thank you so much Serge!

  10. andyf3fuk

    The comment about ISO at around 12 mins isn't quite accurate. To double the shutter speed you need to double the ISO value, not just increase it to the next value.

  11. Gerardo Reyes

    Wow!, este pequeño introductorio me ayudo mucho a entender un poco mas la fotografía. Excelente curso. 


  12. Moritz M

    This video was so brilliant! Thank you so much Serge, amazing work 😉

  13. Arockia Sebastian

    Gr8 Video. This has lots of answers for the beginners. Thanks

  14. nikkitta Argentina

    Bonsoir, toujours des bones tutorials
    Merci de l Argentina

  15. Geoffrey Van Meirvenne

    @43 min: see the guy struggling to take a night shot 🙂

  16. GoBatakTV

    Mauliate (Batak Language = Thanks) Serge, this video help me to understand to start Photography


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