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  1. Shubham Bhatt

    thanks for the term "shit on a stick" time to spread it like "your mama"

  2. autismo kid

    phones are the best street photography cameras because they blend in so well

  3. Leonel Remille

    Mexico City street photo is nearly impossible, everyone is afraid of you.

  4. Max Wheatman

    Since when were u in Norwich!!! Haha was doing photography down the old lanes the other day!

  5. Kandi Klover

    He exposed his buttcrack in public. I've never seen Kai go that wild before.

  6. kevin bock

    I can't help but notice that every one of your videos ends up with the photographer in an awkward failure…I like it.

  7. djrbfm

    a tip: don't use a normal camera. use something ppl cannot detect. a lapel device. it might not be best quality but at least you'll get the shot. j. stealth should be used.

  8. Adam Johnson

    Kai, dude, I have to say – you are BY far the most entertaining photography channel. I watch stuff im not even interested in because its typically hillarious and i end up choking on my own laughter!

  9. Kean Kennedy

    Stop being such big girl's blouses and get your photograher asscracks out into the field so I can use it as art reference in the comfort of my home. πŸ™‚

  10. GoldfishTeapot

    Having been watching this channel for ages it came as quite a shock to realise a lot of these videos are shot in Norwich (not far from where I live).

  11. Difference Engine (DE)

    I wish these guys gave more useful information than useless entertainment.


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